Vayu Purana

Purvardham Kanda

  1. A Sacrificial Session of Twelve Years
  2. Origin of Creation
  3. Origin of Creation (continued)
  4. Transition between two Yugas (Ages)
  5. Four Stages of Life
  6. Creation of Devas and Others
  7. Manvantaras
  8. Pasupata Yoga
  9. Evil Portents and Calamities in Yoga
  10. Supreme Powers of Yoga
  11. Pasupata Yoga
  12. Purity and Conduct of Life
  13. Attainment of the Ultimate State of Life
  14. Procedure of Expiation for Recluses (Sannyasins)
  15. Evil Omens Foreboding Death
  16. The Characteristics of Attainment of Oriikara
  17. Review of Kalpas
  18. Number of Kalpas
  19. Incarnations of Mahesvara
  20. Hymn to Siva
  21. Birth and Death ofMadhu and Kaifabha 164
  22. Origin of Sounds
  23. Names and Bodies of the Great Lord
  24. Families of Sages
  25. Progeny of Agni
  26. The Curse of Daksha
  27. The Race of Devas
  28. Characteristics of Yugas
  29. Progeny of Svayarhbhuva Manu
  30. Geography of Jambudvipa
  31. Jambudvipa (continued)
  32. Geographical Arrangement of the World
  33. Arrangement of the World (Valleys and Lakes)
  34. Valleys between Mountains
  35. Abodes of Devas
  36. Boundary and the Limits of Mount Devakuta
  37. Description of Kailasa
  38. The Divine Rivers
  39. Description of Bhadrasva
  40. Description of Ketumala
  41. Description of Bharatavarsa
  42. Description of Kirhpurusha Varsa
  43. Descent of the Gahga
  44. Countries of the Jambudvipa
  45. Description of Plaksha Dvipa and other Dvipas
  46. The Nether-worlds: Manifestation of the Luminaries
  47. Movements of the Luminary Bodies
  48. Movement of Dhruva
  49. Arrangement of Luminaries
  50. Hymn to Nilakantha
  51. Hymn to the Lihga of Siva
  52. Description of Pitrs
  53. The Cycle of Yugas: Their Characteristics
  54. Description of the Four Yugas
  55. Yugas and Classes of People: Lineage of Sages
  56. Description of Holy Places: The Death of Shakalya
  57. Lineage of Prajapati

Uttarardham Kanda

  1. Manvantaras: The Milking of the Earth
  2. The Dyanasty of Prithu
  3. Vaivasvata Manvantara: The Marica Creation
  4. The Race of Prajapati: Rebirth of Seven Sages
  5. The Race of Dhanu
  6. Curse tolaya Gods: Nrsimba Incarnation: Race of Hirapyakashipu: Birth of Marut gods
  7. The Race of Kasyapa: Danu’s Progeny
  8. Dynasties Descended from Kaiyapa
  9. The Race of Sages
  10. The Procedure of Sraddba
  11. The Birth of Skanda: Rules Prescribed for Sraddha
  12. The Procedure of Sraddha (Continued)
  13. The Procedure of Sraddha Performance (Continued)
  14. The Procedure Regarding Performance of Sradha: The Five Mahiyadias
  15. Sacred Places for Sriddha
  16. The Sraddha Ritual: Purificatory Rites
  17. The Test for Eligibility of a Brahmana (for Sraddha Invitation)
  18. Benefit Derived from Charitable Gifts
  19. Benefit of Sraddha Performance on Various Tithis
  20. Benefit of Sraddha Performance under Different Constellations
  21. Miscellaneous Topics: Qualifications of a Brahmana for Sraddha-gifts
  22. The Race of Varuna: Birth of Aswvin-gods
  23. Creative Activity of Manus: The Story of Sudyumna
  24. A Dissertation on Music: The Definition of Murechana
  25. The Science of Music: The Embellishments
  26. The Ikshvaku Dynasty
  27. The Nimi Dynasty
  28. The Nativity of Soma and Saumya (Budha)
  29. The Lunar Race: The Amavasu Dynasty
  30. The Origin of Dhanvantari; Varanasi Cuned; Rajas Exploits
  31. The Story of Yayati
  32. The Birth of Kartavirya
  33. The Dynasty of Jyamagha and Vani
  34. The Race of Vasni
  35. Wars between Suras and Asuras: Bhrgu curses; The Eulogy of Sambhu by Sukra
  36. Glorification of Visnu’s Greatness
  37. Royal Dynasties
  38. The Manvantaras and Dissolution of the Universe
  39. Worlds from Maharloka to Siva’s City
  40. Dissolution of the Universe
  41. Recreation of the Cosmic Egg
  42. Dissipation of Vyasa Doubts
  43. The Greatness of Gayi
  44. The Glory of Gayatri: The Story of Gayasura
  45. Gayiatmya (Cont): The Story of Sili
  46. Gayahatmya (Cont.): Slli-tirtha and Other Sacred Spots
  47. Gayamahatmya (Cont.): The Glory of Adigadadhara
  48. Procedure of the Pilgrimage to Gaya
  49. Procedure of Che Pilgrimage at Gaya (Continued)
  50. The Glory of Gaya