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Acara Kandha 100-108

Garuda Purana

Acara Kandha 100-108

– 100 –

Worship of Vinayakas, Durga

1Yajnavalkya said: -Now hear me describe the symptoms which are exhibited in a person, struck by the malignant influence of a Vinayaka. The afflicted person dreams of water and fancies in dreams that he has been bathing in a lake or pool.
2The patient pines away in sorrow and silence, and all his undertakings end in dismal failures. A king under the influence of a Vinayaka, lose his sovereignty, a virgin cannot secure a husband, and a matron continues sterile or is deprived of the blessings of motherhood.
3-4The remedy consists in a ceremonial ablution effected in the following manner. The body of the patient should be first rubbed with a compound consisting of white mustard seeds and sandal wood pasted together with the admixture of clarified butter, his head being plastered with a paste of the drugs, known as Sarvoushadi and Savagandha. Then he should be seated on a platform, as in generally raised on the occasion of a religious sacrifice; and the Brahmanas shall be asked to recite benedictory Mantras over his person.
5-6Then four earthen pitchers, all of the same colour, and filed with water fetched from the same lake or natural reservoir of water, and saturated with Rocona (yellow pigment), sandal paste, and Guggulu (aromatic gum resin) should be emptied over his head, the patient being seated on a red leather cushion, and the Brahmanas chanting the following Mantras at the time: -We bathe thee with water which has been purified by the Sun-God and the Holy Sages.
7-8May the. purifying element in the water, imparted to it by their sacred touch, cleanse thy spirit. May the gods Varuna, Indra, the Sun, the Wind, the concourse of the seven Holy Sages, as well as the Jupiter and the sacred person of the king, give back to thee thy lost splendour and fortune. May the ill fate which clings to thy hairs, forelock, head, temples, ears and eyes, be hereby dispelled and washed away.
9-11After that, mustard oil should be poured over his head and in his ears, and a Homa should be performed in the fire of lighted Kusa blades soaked with clarified butter and held over his head. Libations of clarified butter, surcharged with powdered turmeric, should be subsequently cast in the sacrificial fire in honour of the gods, known as Kushmanda and Rajputra, by appending the term Svaha (obeisance) to their respective names, each time they are invoked in the course of the ceremony.
12-14Then blades of Kusa grass should be spread over a place where four roads meet, and the votary or the priest officiant at the ceremony, should sit upon them with a tray on his head, containing both ripe and unripe grains of rice, sweet-scented flowers of beautiful colours, the three kinds of wine, curd, sweet porridge, boiled rice, clarified butter, treacle and sweetmeats, and worship the goddess Ambika in that posture with blended palms and in a devout spirit.
15-17He shall dedicate those offerings to the goddess and pray as follows: -Grant me the boons of beauty and fame, O goddess, and make me happy in the delights of fatherhood. Gifts of white cloths and white sandal pastes should be made to the Brahmanas at the dose of the worship, and the spiritual preceptor of the patient’s family, should be appeared with the gift of a pair of cloths, and the tutelary deities of the planets should also be propitiated with a worship.

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