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Acara Kandha 172-180

Garuda Purana

Acara Kandha 172-180

– 172 –

The Nidanam of diseases of the head

1Dhanvantari said: -Now hear me, O Stigma, discourse on the therapeutics of diseases peculiar to the female sex. In all forms of Yonivyapat (such as Vaginitis, etc.,) measures calculated to subdue the deranged Vayu (soothe the irritated nerves) should be at once respected to.
2-3A compound of Vaca, Upakuncika, Jati, Krishna, Vasakam, rocksalt, Ajamoda, Citrakam and sugar pasted with water and well stetted, and fried with clarified butter, alleviates pain at the sides and in the vag, and remoyes hemorrhoids and intestinal glands (Gulmas).
4A plaster of pasted Vadari leaves applied to the affected locality proves curative in rupture of the perineum and vagina; a plaster of Lodhra and Tumviphalam gives firmness to the vaginal muscles.
5A medicinal Grutham prepared with the admixture of the expressed juice of Pancayashti, Arka, and Malati flowers, heated in the sun, removes the bad odours of the vagina and cures leucorrhoea.
6Java flowers pasted with Kanjika, a Prastha measure of Jyotishmati leaves pasted with the same substance, Durva grass pasted with water, Citrakam pasted with sugar and water, and powders of Dhatri, Anjana and Abhaya taken with water arrest the catamenial flow.
7Errhines or potions of milk and Lakshana during the menstrual period (four to twelve days after the suppression of the flow) lead to the conception of a male child.
8A half Adakam measure ·of milk cooked with Asvagandha and clarified butter should be taken by a woman desiring male offspring; by taking Vyosa and Kesaram with clarified butter even a sterile woman may enjoy the pleasures of motherhood.
9Milk cooked in combination with the roots of Kusa, Kasa, Urubak and Goshura and sweetened with sugar should be employed for the alleviation of uterine of abdominal colic of pregnant women.
10Plasters of Patha, Langall, Apamarga, or Kutaja, applied to the surface of the reproductive organ of an enciente lead to a speedy and easy parturition.
11-13Potions containing Yavashara and decoctions of Dasamulam tend to remove all postparturient pain. Pbwders of gall rice taken with milk should be regarded as possessed of a highly galactagogic virtue. For the purification of the milk of wet nurse the expressed juice of Vidari flowers or of Karpasa roots, or Mudga soup; which acts as an elixir, may be given with advantage.
14A lambative composed of Kushtha, Vaca, Abhaya; Brahmi, and Madhukam pasted together and mixed with honey and clarified butter should be given to a babe for the purpose of improving its intellect and complexion, and of increasing the duration of its life.
15In the absence of mother’s milk, goat’s milk or cow’s milk may be safely given to a child; and a swelling about its umbilicus should be alleviated by fomenting the part with a piece of heated clay.
16A compound of iron, Mustakam, and Ativisa should be administered in fever with cough and vomiting; a decoction of Musta, Sunthi, Visa, Aruna, and Kutaja proves curative in dysentery.
17-18aA compound of Vyosa, Matuhtunga, and honey cures hic-cough and vomiting. A compound of Kushtham Indra-yava, Siddhartha, Nisa and Durva proves efficacious in all forms of cutaneous affections; and a bath in a decoction of Mahamunditika and Udicya proves beneficial in diseases due to the influences of malignant planets.
18b-19The body of such a patient should be smeared with a paste of Saptacchada, Abhaya, Nisa, and Candanam, or he should be made to wear Vaca Rudraksa, lotus seeds, Sankha, or iron on his person. Magical practices and offerings etc., for the good health and wellbeing of a child, should be done by reciting the Mantra, Om, Kam, Tam, Pam, gain, obeisance to Vainateya. Om, Haum, Ham, Hahi. Om, Hrirh, O ye malignant planets (disease-spirit), that afflict a child, graciously accept these offerings and renounce your hold upon the child.
20Sirisha-roots taken with the washings of rice tend to neutralize the effects of an imbibed poison; while white Varshabhu taken through the same medium proves curative in cases of snakebite.
21A compound of Tanduliyam chambersoot, Nisa, and rock salt, pasted together with milk curd and taken with honey, anti-toxic remedy.
22The expressed juice of Ankota roots mixed with clarified butter acquires a good anti-toxic virtue. A medicine, which arrests disease and decay, is called a Rasayanam.
23Persons desiring to use a Rasiyanam should take Abhaya (Myrobalans) with rock salt, sugar, Sunthi, Rasna, honey and treacle respectively during the rains, autumn, winter, spring and summer.
24A single Abhaya taken after the completion of digestion two Vibhitakis taken immediately before eating, and four Dhitris taken with honey and clarified butter immediately after eating enable their users to live up to a hundredth year.
25-26aAsvagandhi taken with milk and clarified butter conquers a host of bodily ailments. By taking the expressed juice of Mandukaprni, Vidari, Amriti, as well as sesame, Dhatri and Bhringarija, one is able to live up to a hundredth year.
26b-27aA compound of Trikatu, Triphala, Vahni, Guduci, Sativari, Vidanga, and iron-powders (oxide of iron) taken with honey serves to kill a host of diseases.
27b-28A compound of Triphala, Kana, Sunthi, Guduci, and Sativari, treated in the manner of a Bhavani with the expressed juice of Bhringaraja etc., acts as a general prophylaxis against disease. By daily taking Vidari-powders with honey, a man is enabled to visit ten women, each night.
29A medicinal Ghritam cooked with the addition of ten times as much mills, or a Satavari taken with sugar, honey and Pippali, acts as a good stomachic and digestant.
30Massage, lubrication of the body with oil or Ghritam, and applications of errhines, emeties and purgatives constitute what is technically known as the Panca Karma.
31There are six seasons of the year, and each season last for a period of two months, in which warming one’s self in fire or backing in the sun, and use of honey, milk or its modifications should be respectively used.
32Sexual congress is benefical in winter (December, January); day sleep is injurious in spring (April and May). Exposure to moon-beams in Sarat (October and November) and excessive sleep during the rains should be avoided.
33-34Sali rice, Mudga pulse, rainwater and boiled water are always wholesome. Oil expressed otu of Nimba, Atasi, Kusumbha, or Sigru seeds, as well as mustard oil, and Jyotishmati oil prove efficacious in cases of intestinal worms, cutaneous affections, urinary and kidney complants and the type of Cephalagia due to the action of the deranged Vayu and Kapham.
35-37Dadima, Amalaki, Kola, Karmarda, Piyalakam, Jambira, Nagaram, Amratakam, and Kapittham generate the Pittam, destroy the Vayu and produce diseases, which are caused through the agency of the deranged Kapham. Kala Jimuta, Ikshvaku, Kutaja, Kritabadhanam, and Dhamargava combinedly form one of the most potent of emetic compounds and should be always used for the purpose of inducing vomiting. A compound consisting of Vaca, Indrayava and Madana may be used for emetic purposes in the morning.
38Easy (loose) motions of the bowels should be attributed to the action of the (deranged) Pittam, normal motions of the bowels indicate a state of normal equilibrium among the fundamental principles of the organism, while constipation of the bowels is brought about through the agency of the deranged Vayu and Kapham. In cases, which indicate the predominance of the deranged Pittam, purging should be induced with the help of Trivrt.
39A compound consisting to Trivrt, Nagaram, and rock salt pounded together and taken with sugar and honey, or that composed of Haritaki and Vidanga pounded together and adminis-tered through the vehicle of cow’s urine acts as a purgative.
40Eranda oil in combination with a decoction of Triphala, twice as much as the former, acts as a good purgative. In diseases indicating an extreme predominance of the deranged Vayu, the patient should be first fed and then caused to belch out the ingested food.
41Hollow bamboo, stems, to the lengths of six, eight, and twelve fingers respectively, and with apertures to the girth of a Karkandu fruit, should be eat out and used for the purpose of applying enematas; the patient to be thus treated should be laid on his back during the application.
42This rule should be likewise observed in applying enematas of the Niruha class. The full, middle, and small doses of clysters (fluid to be syringed into the rectum) must not exceed six, three, and a half Pala weights respectively.
43One part of Pathya, two parts of Aksha, and four parts of Dhatri pounded together and treated with the expressed juice of Satavari and Bhringaraja in the manner of a Bhabana cure all distempers of the body.

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