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Acara Kandha 181-190

Garuda Purana

Acara Kandha 181-190

– 181 –

The Nidanam of poisons

1-2Hari said: -The expressed juice of betel leaf, clarified butter, honey, salt and milk rubbed in a copper vessel relieve aching pain in the eyes. Vibhitaka seeds, Haritalam, and Manahisila pasted together with goat’s milk remove all kinds of ocular affections. A collyrium made of Malati flowers applied to the eyes instantaneously cures the form of eyedisease known as Pushpanasa. A lambative consisting of Haritaki, Vaca, Kushtham, Hingu and Mananisila pasted together with aclarified butter and taken through the medium of honey proves efficacious in cough, hiccough and asthma.
3A pulverized compound of Pippali and Triphala taken with honey relieves cough, catarrh and acute bronchitis and asthma.
4O thou bull-ensigned deity, Pippali powders, and the ashes of Citrakam burnt with its roots, taken with honey, proves curative in asthma, cough, and hiccough.
5The expressed juice of Nilopalam taken with sugar, or Madhukam and Padma taken in equal parts and administered through the vehicle of rice-washings, arrests hemorrhage (lit. affection of blood).
6Sunthi powders taken with sugar and honey instantaneously make one’s voice sweet and clear.
7A compound of Haritalam, and conch-shell powders, and the ashes of the plantain bark pasted together with acts as a good hair-dilapidator.
8Rock-salt, Haritalam, and powdered Tumbi-fruit pasted together with the solution of Laksha forms a good hair-dilapidator.
9Take Sudha, Haritalam, ashes of conch-shells, Manahisila and rock-salt, pound them together and reduce them to the consistency of a paste with the addition of goat’s urine.
10The paste thus prepared acts as an instantaneous hair-dilapidator. Paste powders of conch-shells. Amalakam Pat ram and Dhataki flowers together with milk.
11A weel’s keeping of this compound in the mouth imparts a pearly lustre and whiteness to one’s teeth.

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