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Acara Kandha 190-198

Garuda Purana

Acara Kandha 190-198

– 191 –

The Nidanam of fractures

1Hari said: -Pasted Aparajita roots taken with cow’s urine cure scrofula.
2Rudra, Indra-varup roots taken with cold water, as well as errhines of solutions of Eranda, Jingani and Suka Simbi pasted together tend to alleviate the pain in the neck and the arms.
3An application of a plaster composed of Asvagandha or Pippali, or of Vaca and Kushtam, pasted together with buffalo butter, alleviates pain in the mammae and the urethral canal.
4A plaster composed of Kushtham and Nagavala pasted together with butter and applied to the breast acts as a good breast-developer and. imparts a graceful contour to the breasts of youthful maidens.
5The patient, by mentioning whose name an IndravarunI root is thrown from a distance, is sure to be relieved of his splenic enlargement.
6Roots of white Punamava taken pasted with rice washings undoubtedly prove curative in abscess.
7Ashes of bunt plantain barks administered through drinks relieve all forms of Ascites ill.
8Plantain roots cooked in combination with treacle and clarified butter over a gentle fire act as good vermifuge remedies.
9Daily use of a compound of Nimba leaves and Amlakam pounded together, in the morning, undoubtedly cures Kushtham (cutaneous affection).
10A plaster composed of Haritaki, Vidanga, Haridra, white Sarshapa, Somaraja-seeds (roots according to Benares Edition), Karaja seeds and Saindhavam, pasted together with cow’s urine, proves efficacious in all forms of cutaneous affections.
11One part of Triphala and two parts of Somaraja seeds taken in combination with powdered Pathya cure ringworms.
12A plaster composed Kharam rubbed in a vessel of Indian bell metal, pasted with cow’s urine, cooked in combination with rock-salt and acid whey (Takram), prove curative in all forms of cutaneous affections.
13A plaster composed of Haridra, Haritalam, Durva grass and rock-salt pasted together with cow’s urine proves remedial in cases of Pama and ringworm.
14Somaraja seeds taken in combination with butter and honey prove curative in all forms of leukoderma. O Rudra, the cure is almost certain through the administration of the foregoing compound, but the patient must live on a whey rice regimen during the period of treatment.
15Plasters, composed of white Aparajita roots pasted with Sariva and applied to the affected region, for a month, tend to cure all forms of leukoderma.
16O thou bull-ensigned deity, applications of plasters composed of Maricam and Sindaram paster together with buffalo-butter would certainly cure Pama and dyspnea.
17O thou supreme deity, dry Gambhari roots cooked in combination with milk prove antidotal to Sukla-Pittam.
18Plasters of Mulaka seeds pasted with the expressed juice of Apamarga and applied to the affected part, prove, efficacious in Silhika.
19Thou supreme deity, ashes of burnt plantain bark and Apamarga twigs pasted together with the expressed juice of Eranda and applied to the affected patches prove curative in Siddhma.
20O thou supreme deity, O thou bull ensigned one, burn the ashes of a Kushmanda creeper, mixed with the bark of its stem pasted with cow’s urine, and Haridra pasted with water, in a closed crucible luted and plastered with buffalo-dung.
21-22By rubbing his body with this burnt compound, a man is sure to acquire a brilliant complexion. Rubbing of the body with a compound consisting of Haridra, Daru-Haridra, and Kushtham pasted together with water tends to impart a brilliant glow to the complexion and a fragrant smell to the skin.
23Plastering of the body with Durva, Kakajangha, leaves of Arjuna and Jambii and Lodhram pasted together with water tends of remove the bad odours of the skin.
24Solutions of Lodhram saturated with the powers of Kuhkam form the most cooling and agreeable paste for smearing the body in summer.
25Washing of the body with milk, in the morning, tends to remove the evils of perspiration; rubbing of the body with pasted Kakajangha acts as an agreeable cosmetic plaster.
26The expressed juice of Vasaka and Yashtimadhu, taken with honey and sugar, proves curative in Jaundice, Chlorosis, Haemoptisis, and Hemorrhage.
27Even a most acute attack of catarrh may be cut short by taking cold water in the morning.
28O thou, supreme deity, a pulverized compound of Pippali, rock salt and Vibhitakam pounded together and taken with Kanjikam removes hoarseness.
29-30Amalakam-powder administered through the vehicle of clarified butter, or a compound consisting of Manahi-sila, Vala roots, Kola-leaves and Guggulu pasted together, or inhalation of the vapours of a fumigation stick, composed of Jatipatram, Kola leaves and Manahi-sila pasted together and burnt in a fire of Kola-wood charcoal would undoubtedly relieve cough.
31Triphala and Pippali powders taken with honey, before the midday meal, relieve thirst and fever.
32The expressed juice of Bilva foots or a decoction of Guduci taken with honey arrests the three types of vomiting. Durva pasted with rice washings proves antidotal to vomiting.

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