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Acara Kandha 217-225

Garuda Parva

Acara Kandha 217-225

– 217 –

On Dharmasastra

1-2Brahma said: -I shall mention in brief, the process of Sandhya for the twice-born. Whether he is pure or impure, whether he is in any plight or not, whoever remembers the lotus-eyed Lord Vishnu is pure internally and externally.
3-6Om, the metre is Gayatri. The sage is Visvamitra. It has three feet. The ocean is its belly. The moon and the sun are its eyes. The fire is its mouth, Vishnu is its heart, Brahma is its head. Rudra is its tuft. Its use is in the investiture of sacred thread. Om Bhuhi Nyasa on the foot, Bhuvahi on the kness, Svahi on the head, Janahi on the tuft, Tapahi on the throat, Satyam on the forehead. Om obeisance to the heart. Om Bhhi Svaha to the head. Om Bhuvahi Vausat to the tuft. Om Svahi Hum to the Kavace. Om Bhurbhuvahi Svaha Phat to the Astra. Om Bhiahi Om Bhuvahi. Om Svah Om Mahahi. Om Tapahi. Om Satyam. Then the three-footed Gayatri Mantra “Apo Jyotiraso” Mritam Brahma Bhurbhuvasvahi.’’ Then then Mantra “Suryasca” in the morning “Apahi punantu” etc. in the midday and “Agnisca” etc. in the evening.
7O you, the granters of Boons, you are of white hue in the forenoon. You the great goddess of Gayatri wearing white cloth, You are seated on the shoulders of a bull. You hold the excellent trident.
8May the goodness of Gayatri of dark hue come at midday, like the flower of Atasi, Vishnu’s deity seated on Garuda, wearing yellow cloth and holding Sankha, Cakra, Gada and Padma.
9He is white hue, seated in the solar sphere on a white lotus. She is decorated with white flowers. May Sarasvati the form of Gayatri in the evening, the goddess granting boons come hither.
10-11The various mantras “Om Apohishtha” etc. “Om Tasma aranga man avo” etc. “Om sumitriyana” etc. “Om Durpadadiva” etc “Om rtafica satyanca” etc., are to be repeted duly.
12The Mantras to be repeated thereafter -Om, the sage of Gayatri is Vishvamitra; the metre is Gayatri. Savitri is the deity. Its use is in Japa “Om udu tyam.” etc, “Om cittram devanam” devanam” etc. “Om taccakshuhi etc. “Om Vishvatascakshuhi” etc. are to be repeated.
13Born of the excellent summit, residing on the mountain on the surface of the Earth and permitted by Brahma O Goddess! be pleased to depart according to convenience.

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