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Acara Kandha 226-234

– 229 –

Devotion of Vishnu

1Suta said: -Only one substantial thing there is amidst the frivolities of life: Everything here is but a show, a phantom, the only real thing is the contemplation of Hari. He who gives offerings of flowers of libations of water unto Hari by reciting the Purusha Suktam, is supposed to worship and propitiate the universal god.
2He, who does not worship Vishnu, who protects the universe like a mother, is guilty of the sin of Brahmanicide.
3From Vishnu has emanated this universe, by him this universe exists, and in him it will be merged (at the time of dissolution), He, who does not mediate upon the self of such Vishnu, shall be reborn afi a worm in the excreta.
4Yama, the lord of death, addresses a soul, undergoing punishment in hell, as “way have you not meditated upon the destroyer of Kesi (Vishnu) in your life, why have you not worshipped the deity, in your life, that, being propitiated with libations of water in the absence of any other articles of offering, grants to his votary a residence in the region over which he presides himself?
5-8One’s own parents or brothers do not do what Vishnu, propitiated with true faith, does for him. The only way of propitiating Vishnu by a man who is true to the duties of his own order is to worship him with true faith. The offerings of flowers or perfumes are not more pleasing to Janardana than true, unsophisticated faith.
9The god Vishnu should be propitiated with acts of obeisance, or with any other special forms of worship.

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