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Acara Kandha 55-63

– 59 –

Discourses on Astrology, presiding deities of the different planets and constellation of stars, situations of Yoginis on the different days of the fortnight etc.

1Suta said: -Having learnt the solar system and the dimension of the earth Kesava communicated, unto Rudra, the essence of astronomy having four characteristic marks.
2-3Hari said: -Krittika (Gemini) is the planet of the fire god and Rohini (Cancer) is of Brahma. Ilvala (stars in the Orion’s head) belonging to Soma and Ardra (Virgo) to Rudra Aditya (the sun) and Punarvasu (Libra) are the planets of the preceptor. Aslesha (Sagita) is the planet of the serpents while Magha (Capri) is that of the departed manes.
4Purva Phalguni (Aquari) is the planet of good luck as well as the sun, Uttara-Phalguna (Pisces), Savitra (sun) Hasta , Citra and Tvashta (sun).
5Svati is known as the star of the wind-god and Vmakha. O bull-emblemed deity, is that of Indra and Fire god.
6Maitram, Iksham, Anuradha and Jyeshtha are the stars of Sakra. Mulas is the star of Nirriti.
7Ashadha Purva is that of water-god and Uttara is that of Visvadevatas. Abhijit is the star of Brahma and Sravana is that of Vishnu.
8Riksam is the star of Vasava, and Dhanishtha is that of Budha; while the star Satabhisha is that of Varuna.
9Bhadrapada appears in the east, Ahirbbrudhana in the north as wen as Pushya, Revati, Riksham, Asvayuk.
10-13Bharani appears in the north. These are caned Riksha devatas. On the first and ninth day of the fortnight Brahmani is stationed in the east, on the second and tenth day of the fortnight, Mahesvari is stationed in the north, on the fifth, and the thirteenth days. Varahi appears in the south, on the sixth, and the fourteenth days, Indrani is stationed. is the west on the seventh day and on the full-moon, day, Camunda appears in the
northwest, or in the eighth, and Amavasya day, Mahalaksmi is stationed in the north-east, on the eleventh, and third day of the fortnight, Vaishnavi appears in the south-east, on the twelfth.
14-15And on the fourth day Koumari appears in the south-east. One should, not leave his house for another place while Yogini is in front. Asvini, Revati, Mrigamula, Punarvasu, Pusya, Hasta and Jyeshta are the most auspicious stars under whose auspices one should leave his house.
16-19aThe five Rikshas, Hasta , the three Uttaras, Ashvini, Rohini, Pushya, Dhanishtha, Punarvasu are the stars most favourable for putting on new raiments. Krttika, Bharani, Aslesha, Magha, which are known to have their faces directed down wards, are favourable for digging tanks, wells and reservoirs of water and for cultivating lands and laying foundations of temples and dwelling houses.
19b-21When these stars and others, O bull emblemed deity, go down it is the best time to begin the study of Mathematics, Astronomy and enter into mines, ditches, etc. When Revati, Asvini, Citra, Svati, Hasta, Punarvasu, Anuradha, Mrga, Jyeshta, all these lies sideways it is the best time for taming elephants, camels, bulls and buffaloes.
22For sowing seeds and for paying visits. The cows shuold also be tamed under the influence of these stars. The wheels and machineries of cars should be constructed, and boats should be floated.
23-24When Rohini, Ardra, Pushya, Dhanishta, the three Uttaras, Varuna, Sravana, these nine have their faces upwards it it the best time for installing asking in the kingdom and putting on silk raiments.
25-27aThe most inauspicious days are the fourth, sixth, eight, ninth and Amavasya. The full moon, the twelfth, the fourteenth, and the first day of the dark fort-night, are most auspicious days as also the second day when presided over by the Moon’s son (Mercury), the third, by the Earth’s son (Mars) and the fourth, by Saturn.
27b-28The fifth day of a fortnight is auspicious when it is presided over by Jupiter, the sixth day, when by Mars and Venus, the seventh day when by Mercury, the eighth when, by Mars, the ninth day, when by the Moon, and the tenth, when by Jupiter.
28b-30aThe Jupiter is auspicious and pure on the eleventh day of a fort-night, the Mercury, on the twelfth day, the Venus, on the thirteenth day, the Saturn on the fourteenth day, and Jupiter is the most auspicious buth on the Amavasya and the full-moon day.
30b-31The sum burns the twelfth day of a fortnight, the Moon the eleventh day, the Mars, the tenth day, the Mercury, the ninth day, the Jiva , the eighth day, Bharagava (Venus), the seventh day.
32-33aAnd the Sun’s son, the sixth. One should not leave his house on such a day. On the first, ninth, four tenth, and eighth day of a fortnight, and on Wednesday one should postpone his departure for a distant country.
33b-35The sixth day under the influence of Aries and Cancer, the eighth day of Virgo and Gemini, the fourth day of Taurus and Aquarius, the twelfth day of Capricomus and Libra, the tenth day of Libra and Scorpio and the fourteenth day of Sigattarius and Pisces are all inauspicious, and no man should leave his house on any these of days.
36-37When the three stars of Dhanishtha are in conjunction with Mars, when the three stars of Revati are with Mercury, when the three stars of Visakha are with the sun, when the moon is in the three stars of Purvashadha, when the three stars of Rohini are in Pushya and when the three stars of Pushya are with Venus [they always forebode evil.) One should avoid the three stars of Uttara Phalguna on Saturday. These conjunctions forebode calamities either ending in death or a fatal disease.
38-41When the Sun is in conjunction with Mula, when the moon is with Sravana, when Mars in with Purva and Uttara Bhadrapada, when Mercury is with Krittika when Jupiter is with Punarvasu, when Venus is with Purva Phalguna, when Saturn is with Svati these conjunctions are called Amrtayoga which yields success in all undertakings.
42Vishkumbhayoga lasts for five hours. Sulayoga lasts for seven hours. Ganda and Atiganda, yogas, last for six hours, and Vyaghatavajra, for nine hours.
43And Vyatipat, and Parigha, yogas, last for one whole day. These combinations may even bring on death and therefore a man should avoid then every work.
44-45The combination between Hasta and the Sun, Jupiter and Pushya, Mercury and Anuradha, Rohini and Saturn, Moon and Souma, Venus and Revati and Mars and Asvini is always auspicious. These combinations are called Siddhi yogas and they avert every form of calamity.
46-47The combinations between the Sun and Bharani, the Moon and Citra, Mars, Uttaraasada Mercury and Dhanishtha, Saturn and Revati are called, O Sambhu, Visha-yogas (poisonous combinations).
48-49When the combination takes place between Pushya, Punarvasu, Revati, Citra, Sravana, Dhanishtha. Hasta, Asivini, Mriga, and Satabisha, a man should perform rites consequent upon the birth of a child. 0 Rudra, if a child. O Rudra, if a man kayes home for another place under the combination of any three planets of Visakha, Uttara, Magha, Ardra, Bharani Aslesha and Krttika, he meets with death.

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