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Acara Kandha 55-63

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Influences of the moon in her different mansions

1-2It should be adored by people and the Moon is seen like Jupiter. There are twelve Dashas or stages of the Moon. Hear them.
3-6aI will describe his station in every three stars beginning with Ashvini. The twelve stages are Pravasas (living in a foreign country), Punamashta (lost again), Mrita (dead), Jaya (success), Hasya (smiling), Krida (sporting), Pramoda (enjoying) Vishada (sorrowing), Bhoga (enjoying), Jvara (decrepitude), Kampa (trembling) and Svastha (sound health). The Moon, in his condition of Pravisa, brings on injury and death, and in that of Jaya, merriment, sexual pleasure, and happiness, the other stages, viz; Soka, Bhoga, Jvara, Kampa and Sukha. Respectively produce their destined fruits.
6b-9When the Moon resides in the first house of constellation at the time of birth he always gives satisfaction; when in the second, the person does not feel satiation; when in the third, the person enjoys royal honours; when in the fourth, he quarrels with other people; when the moon is in the fifth house the person obtains a
good wife; when in the sixth, the person acquires wealth and corns; when in the seventh, he enjoys sexual pleasures and becomes the adored of all; when in the eighth there is danger to his life; when in the nimh. his wealth is accumulated; when in the tenth, he brings his work to a successful close; when in the eleventh, he meets with success; when the Moon is in the twelfth house there is, forsooth, death for the man.
10Under the influence of the seven stars forming the constellation of Krittika it is better to start for the east: Under the influence of Maghi it is better if start for the south; under the influence of Anuradha it is better to start for the west.
11-12Under the influence of Dhanishtha it is better to start for the north. Ashvini, Revati, Citra, Dhanishtha, Mrigairas, Pushya, Milla and Hasti are always tavourable in marriage, for giving away a daughter in marriage for going out on business. for consecrating temples and for other religious and social ceremonies.
13It the Moon and Jupiter reside in the second house at the time of birth they are auspicious. The Moon, Jupiter and Puishya are auspicious when they live in the third house with Gemini.
14Mars, Saturn, Moon, Sun and Mercury are most auspicious when they live in the fourth house.
15Saturn, Sun and Mars are auspicious in the sixth house, while Jupiter and Moon in the seventh. Venus is most auspicious in the eighth house, while Jupiter in the ninth.
16The Sun and Moon are auspicious in the tenth house, while all the planets are auspicious in the eleventh house. Venus and Mercury are favorable in the twelfth house.
17-18The combinations, between Leo and Capricorns, between Virgo and Aries, between Libra and Pisces, between Aquarius and Cancer, between Sagittarius and Taurus and between Gemini and Scorpio are most auspicious. These fourteen combinations always conduce to wellbeing.

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