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Acara Kandha 55-63

– 62 –

Discourses of Lagnamana and determination of what one ought or ought not to do from the stable or mobile character of the Lagna

1Hari said: -Begining from the time of it rising the sun lives in the various Rasis (signs of the Zodiac), O Hara. He lives for six days and six ritus in his own Rasi.
2He lives for five hours in Pisces and Aris, four hours in Taurus and Aquarius, three hours in Capricorn us and Gemini, five hours in Sagittarius and Cancer.
3-7Six hours in Leo and Scorpio and seven hours in Virgo and Libra. This is described as the extent of Lagna. If a woman is born when the Sun is in Aries she becomes barren; when he is in Taurus she becomes handsome in person; when, in Gemini, she becomes lucky; when, in Cancer, she becomes dissolute; when, in Leo, she becomes the mother of few children; when, in Virgo, she becomes supremely beautiful; when, in Libra, she is endowed with both beauty and fortune; when, in Scorpio, she becomes foul mouthed; when, in Sagittarius,
she becomes fortunate: when, in Capricornus, she becomes mean; when, in Aquarius, she becomes the mother of few children; when, in Pisces, she is endued with the spirit of disassociation from tile world.
8-10The Rasi Libra, Cancer, Aries, Capricornus are both moveable and fixed. Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, and Scorpio are all fixed groups of stars. Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces and Gemini are endued with twofold characters. It is better to leave any place under the influence of moving stars and enter the house under that of fixed ones.
11The installation of an image of tile deity should be made under the influence of that group of stars which are both moveable and fixed. The first, sixth, or the eleventh, day of a fortnight is called Nanda.
12O bull-emblemed deity, the second, seventh, or the twelfth day is called Bhadra. The eight, third, of the thirteenth, day is called Jaya, O Rudra.
13The fourth, or the ninth, day is call Rikta. The fourteenth day is called Varjya. The fifth, or the tenth, day is called Pura. And the full moon day is called Subha.
14-15Mercury is always on circuit, Jupiter is always quick in motion, Venus is slow, the Sun is certain, Saturn is terrific, Mars is fierce, and the Moon is calm. Under the influence of Mercury and Jupiter one should leave his house; under the influence of Venus and Sun one should enter a house; under the influence of Saturn and Mars the Kshatriyas, who desire for success, should be engaged in battle.
16The installation of a. king and sacred fire shouts be done on a Monday. Under the influence of the Moon one should lay the foundation of a dwelling house.
17Under the influence of Mars one should accept the command of an army, undertake a war and practise arms. Under the influence of Mercury any work, deliberation, or journey, is crowned with success. Under the influence of Jupiter, one should study, adore the gods, and put on new habiliments and ornaments.
18-19Under the influence of Venus it is better to give away a daughter in marriage, ride an elephant, enter into contracts, or espouse a wife. Under the influence of Saturn, it is auspicious to enter a house for the first time or entrap an elephant.

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