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Acara Kandha 64-72

Garuda Purana

Acara Kandha 64-72

– 64 –

A brief discourse on the auspicious or inauspicious marks on the person of females

1Hari said: -The maiden, who has got curling locks, a round face and a deep navel, increases her family.
2A woman, whose colour is like that of gold, and whose hands are red, is called Padmini. Such a woman, born one in a thousand, is personification of chastity.
3The woman, who has uneven hairs and round eyes, becomes widowed, and is always unfortunate in her surroundings.
4The maiden, who has a face like the full moon, is effulgent like the rising Sun, has expensive eyes and Vimba-like lips, enjoys happiness.
5Many lines indicate misery and dearth of the same signifies poverty. One, having crimson coloured lines, enjoys happiness, and one, having dark blue lines, becomes unchaste.
6A wife is like a minister to her husband in works, a friend in enjoyments, a mother in affection, and a public woman while on bed.
7The women, who has the marks of a goad, circle and discus on her palm, gives birth to a son and obtains a king as her husband.
8The women, whose two sides and breasts are covered with hairs and whose lips are high, soon destroys her husband.
9The woman, who has the marks of a wall or gateway on her palms, becomes a queen even if she is born as a maid servant.
10One, who has rows of reddish and high hairs on her person, becomes a maid servant even if he is born in a royal family.
11-12One, who has got her thumb and ring finger of an unusually high stature, soon kills her husband and leads a loose life.
13One who is much heavy and who has thing walk kills her husband and be characterless. Oily eyes indicate good luck, oily teeth indicate good eating, oily skin indicates a good bed, and oily feet indicate conveyances.
14-16The auspicious signs of women are cool and high breasts, copper-coloured nails, beautiful feet, marks of fish, goad, lotus, discus and plough-share on the soles and palms which do not perspire, a beautiful hip without hairs, thigh like the trunk of an elephant, most excellent and capacious buttock like a fig leaf, spacious and deep navel and chest and breast shorn of hairs.

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