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Akara Kandha 118-126

Garuda Purana

Acara Kandha 118-126

– 118 –

The Akhanda Dvadasi Vratam

1-2Brahma said: -Now I shall describe the mode of practicing the Akhanda-Dvadasi Vratam, the merit attending it performance enable the votary to enjoy divine beatitude in life. The votary shall take nothing but the Pancagavyam (the five kinds of articles obtained from a cow such as, milk, etc.,) on the day previous, and fast on the twelfth day of the moon’s increase in the month of Margasisha; spending it entirely in the worship of the god Vishnu. Five metal vessels filled with Vrhi corn, should be gifted away to the Brahmanas each day for the four successive months commencing from the date.
3The votary shall pray as follows: “May the merit of all good and pious acts done by me in my seven prior incarnations, continue one and indivisible, O lord.
4May all my pieties continue whole and undivided as the universe is, and just as thou art the one and indivisible spirit which runs through all.
5Vessels filled with powders of freed barley corns, should be gifted away by him in the month of Caitra; and bowls filled with clarified butter, in the month of Sravana. Earthly bliss and the pleasures of fatherhood are the rewards of the vow in this life, and an elevated status in heaven, in the next.

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