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Brihat Jataka 10-18

Brihat Jataka 10-18

– 10 –

On avocation

1There is acquisition of wealth, firstly from the father, mother, a foe, a friend, a brother, a wife or an inferior, according as the Sun or any of the other planets is known in order, occupies the 10th place reckoned from the Lagna or the Moon, secondly, by means of the profession prescribed for the ruler of the 10th house or of the ruler of the Navamsa occupied by the planet owning the 10th place from the Lagna, from the Moon or from the Sun.
2lf the Sun be the lord of the Navamsa occupied by the lord of the 10th bhava reckoned from the Lagna, the Moon or the Sun (whichever is strong) the person concerned will earn a living by dealing in grass, gold, wool, medicine and the like. If the Navamsa under reference be that of the Moon, the person gains a living by agriculture, by dealing in things derived from water (such as conchs, pearls, fish etc ,) or through the medium of women. If the Navamsa in question belong to Mars, the person gains a livelihood by metallurgy, by violent acts like branding fighting, etc. If the Navamsa belong to Mercury the person concerned will try to earn his livelihood as a writer, by the use of his mathematical knowledge, by poetry or by pursuing the arts.
3lf the Navamsa belong to Jupiter, the person concerned will earn money through Brahmins, deities, learned men, mines and the like or by religious acts. If the owner of the Navsmsa in question be Venus, the living will be derived by dealing in rubies, siIver and the like and by rearing cows and buffaloes. If Saturn be the owner of the Navamsa occupied by the lord of the 10th place, the person concerned will live by doing wearisome acts by the carrying out of punishments, etc., inflicted on criminals, by the bearing of burden, or by engaging in some vile pursuit. The person succeeds in the avocation prescribed for the planet owning the Navamsa occupied by the lord of the 10th bhava.
4The source of wealth ought to be divined by the planets, occupying friendly, inimical or their own houses. When the Sun is in exaltation and at the same time strong (or it may mean in the 10th house), the person concerned earns money by his own exertion (and does not inherit much of paternal property). If benefics in strength occupy the 11th, the 1st and the 2nd houses, the native acquires wealth in many ways.

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