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Brihat Samita 37-45

Brihat Samitha 37-45

– 37 –

1A mock-Sun is auspicious, if it is glossy and possessing the colour appropriate for the Sun in the season (vide Adh. III—23 & 24 supra.); if it possesses die lustre of beryl, is white or bright, it causes happiness and plenty.
2A yellow mock-Sun produces disease; one of the colour of the Asoka- blossom (red) leads to the clash of weapons; and a row of mock-Suns tends to danger from robbers, to disease and destruction of kings.
3When a mock-Sun appears to the north of the Sun, it gives rain; to the south, a strong wind; on both sides, danger from water; the same appearing above the Sun, destroys the king; and below, the people.

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