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Brihat Samitha 10-18

Brihat Samitha 10-18

– 10 –


1-2When Saturn being of glossy orb stays in Sravana? Swati, Hasta, Ardra, Bharani and Purvaphalguni, he makes the earth filled with plenty of water. When he stays in Aslesha, Satabhishak and Jyeshta, he bestows happiness on mankind. But there will not be plentiful rain. When he stays in Moola, he brings about famine, war and drought. Now, I shall treat of the effects of Saturn in each lunar mansion separately.
3When Saturn passes through Aswini, ae destroys horses, grooms, poets, physicians and ministers; while in Bharani, he; destroys dancers, songsters, musicians, base and deceitful men.
4When Saturn moves in Krittika, people living by fire (such as smiths) and commandants suffer, while in Rohini, the people of Kosala, Madra, Kasi Panchala and cartmen will suffer distress.
5When Saturn is in Mrigasira, the Vatsas, the persons performing and those officiating as priests in sacrifices, the nobility, and the men of central countries will be troubled, while, in Ardra. the Paratas, the Ramathas, oil-mongers, washer men and robbers will suffer.
6When Saturn is in Punarvasu, people of the Punjab, the western tracts, Surashtra, Sindhu and Suveera will suffer; while in Pushya, bell-ringers proclaimers, Yavanas, traders, gamblers and flowers will come to grief.
7causes trouble to the Bahleekas, Chinese, Kandaharis, Sulikas, Paratas, Vaisyas, god owns and traders.
8When Saturn is in Purvaphalguni, juice vendors, courtesans, virgins and the Maharashtras will have trouble. In Uttaraphalguni, Saturn afflicts kings, jaggery, salt, mendicants, water and the people of Taxila.
9When Saturn is in Hasta, barbers, potters, oil-mongers, etc., thieves, physicians, tailors, elephant catchers, harlots, people of Kosala, and makers of garlands will come to grief.
10When Saturn is in Chittra, young women, writers, painters and coloured pots will suffer. Saturn in Swati will afflict the Magadhas, (or the royal panegyrists), spies, couriers, charioteers, sailors and dancers and the like.
11When Saturn is in Visakha, the Trigartas, Chinese, people of Kuluta, saffron, lac, crops, madder and, safflower come to decay.
12When Saturn is in Anuradha, the Kuluias, Thanganas, the mountain tribes called Khasas, Kashmerians, ministers, potters, etc. and bell-ringers come to grief. There will also be discord among friends.
13When Saturn is in Jyeshta, kings, priests, proteges of kings, heroes, associations, families and guilds come to grief; so do the people of Kasi. Kosala and Panchala, fruits, herbs and warriors, when Saturn is in Moola.
14When Saturn is in Purvashadha, the people of Anga, Vanga, Kosala, Girivraja, Magadha, Pundra, Mithila and those living in the city of Tamralipta come to grief.
15When Saturn is in Uttarashadha, the people of Dasarna, the Yavanas, Ujjain, the Sabaras, men living in the Pariyatra region and the Kuntibhojas will suffer.
16When Saturn is in Sravana, king’s officers, leading Brahmins, physicians, priests and people of Kalinga will suffer. In Dhanishta, Saturn bestows victory on the king of Magadha and prosperity on those that are engaged in usury.
17If Saturn be in Satabhishak and Purvabhadra, physicians, poets, toddy-distillers, traders and politicians suffer; so, do those living on the banks of rivers, cartwrights, women and gold when he is in Uttarabhadra.
18When Saturn is in Revati, king’s servants, people residing in Krauncha island, autumnal crops, the Sabaras and the Yavanas will be afflicted.
19Wtien Jupiter is in Visakha and Saturn in Krittika, terrible calamity will befall mankind. If the two planets should transit one and the same star, there will be a civil feud in cities.
20When Saturn’s orb is variegated, birds will suffer destruction. If his rays appear yellow, he will cause famine. If he is blood-red in colour, it portends war; if he is ashy, there will be strife and intense hatred among people.
21It is a tradition among sages that if Saturn be as bright as the beryl, he brings on happiness to the people. Similarly, he is auspicious if he is jet black like the Vana flower or deep blue like the Atasi-flower. Whichever colour Saturn assumes, he proves destructive to that class of people represented by that colour—that is, white- Brahmins, red-Kshatriyas, yellow-Vaisyas and dark-Sudras.

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