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Brihat Samitha 10-18

– 13 –


1-2I shall describe according to the theory of Sage Vriddha Garga, the course of the Seven Seers, by whom the northern region has a lord as it were, through whom she shines as if adorned with a necklace of pearls like a maiden with a joyful countenance wearing a wreath of white lotuses; the seers by whose circular movements) the northern region seems verily dancing at the instruction of the Pole-Star, the leader.
3The Seven Sages were in the lunar mansion—Magha—when King Yudhishtira was ruling over the earth, the period of that King being 2526 years before the commencement of the Saka (Vikrainarka?) era .
4The sages in their course remain for a period of 100 years in each lunar mansion. Whichever star to the east of which the sages rise, makes them conspicuous, in that they are said to be posited .
5-6Sage ‘Marichi is situated in the east; to the west of him is Vasishta; to his twest is Angiras; and to the west of Angiras is situate Atri; in his neighborhood can be seen Pulasthya. Next to him are in order Pulaha and Kratu. Arundhatee, the paragon of virtue, is following the great Sage Vasishta.
7When these stars are pale devoid of beams, vexed by meteors, thunderbolts, smoke and the like, or tiny, they will destroy severally their own dependencies (as stated below), while they tend to make the same prosper if they appear large and bright.
8-11Marichi is to be understood to do harm (when vexed) to the Gandharvas, Gods, demons, spells, herbs, angels, Yakshas, Nagas and Vidyadharas. Vasishta, when hurt, proves destructive to the Sakas, Yavanas, Daradas, Paratas, Kambojas and hermits living in the forest; when radiant, he bestows prosperity. Scholars, intelligent men and Brahmins are enumerated as belonging to Angiras; and foresters, aquatic products, the ocean and rivers are allotted to Sage Atri. Giants, devils, demons, Daityas and serpents are said to belong to Pulasthya; to Pulaha, roots and fruits, and to Kratu, sacritices and sacrificers.

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