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Brihat Samitha 10-18

– 17 –

Planetary Conflicts

1How and when a conflict of the planets will take place according to the teaching of the sages who know the past, present and future has been explained by me in the (astronomical treatise, wiz.) Pancha Siddhantika on the lines of the Surya Siddhanta.
2-3The planets move in the firmament with their orbits lying one over another, but, owing to the great distance, they appear to our eyes o move on one even surface. According to the degree of their (seeming) rapprochement, there are four kinds of conflicts as stated by Parasara and other sages viz. Bheda (occultation, cleaving), Ullekha (grazing), Amsumardana (clashing of the rays) and Apasavya (passing southward).
4-5At the occurrence of an occultation, rains will fail, and discord will prevail among friends and powerful families. When planets graze each other, there is danger from the sword, dissensions among royal councilors and dearth of food. At a clashing of the rays, there will be war between kings and desolation by sword, disease and famine. At the Apasavya conflict, there will be hostile encounters between monarchs .
6-7The Sun when standing in the meridian is called Akranda, i.e., an ally coming to the rescue; when in the east, he is a Paura, i.e., a king staying in town; in the west, he is a Yayee, a king who marches off. Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are always Pauras, while the Moon is always Akranda. Ketu, Mars, Rahu and Venus are marching planets. All the planets known as the Akranda, Yayee, and Paura when hurt, will -destroy severally kings coming to the rescue, marching and staying in town. In the case of their being victorious, they bestow victory on their own class of kings.
8When a Paura planet is overpowered by another of the same description, kings keeping the town will kill others in the same predicament. The same applies to and planets and kings. In case of a conflict between and planets, that which is victorious will bestow victory on its own class of kings.
9A planet is defeated when he is standing south, rough, quivering, retrograding without actually coming in contact with the other, small, mounted upon, of unnatural appearance, without brilliance and colourless.
10A planet not possessing the above characteristics should be considered as victorious, when it is large, glossy and brilliant, even though stationed in the south.
11When two planets at conjunction are radiant, large and glossy, they are said to be in love with each other, and the same will be the case with the parties denoted by them; while in the contrary case they destroy those who belong to their own party.
12If, owing to the indistinctness of the indications, it cannot be made out whether a conflict or a conjunction is taking place, the effects concerning the potentates on earth are said to be equally uncertain .
13-14When Mars is defeated by Jupiter, the Bahlikas, chieftains marching off and people living by fire will be destroyed. When he is defeated by Mercury the Surasenas, Kalingas and Salwas will suffer. When defeated by Saturn, kings staying in town will be victorious, but the subjects will come to grief. If he be defeated by Venus, granaries, Mlechchas and Kshatriyas will suffer.
15-17When Mercury is beaten by Mars, trees, rivers, ascetics, the Asmakas, kings, northerners, and persons performing sacrifices will suffer. When he is defeated by Jupiter, the barbarians, Sudras, thieves, rich men, citizens, Trigarthas and Parvateejas come to grief and there will be an earthquake. If Mercury be defeated by Saturn, sailors, soldiers, aquatic products, rich men and pregnant women will suffer. When he is overcome by Venus, fires will break out and corn, clouds and marching kings will be ruined.
18-20When Jupiter is vanquished by Venus, the Kulutas, Gandharas, Kaikayas, Madras, Salwas Vatsas, Vangasj cows and corn will be destroyed. When he is defeated by Mars, the middle country, kings and cows will suffer. When he is defeated by Saturn, the Arjunayanas, Vasathees, Yaudheyas, Sibis, and Brahmins will suffer. When by Mercury, the barbarians, truthful men, swordsmen and the middle country will be ruined. This affects also those described in Adhyaya XVI—21-25 supra.
21-24When Venus is defeated by Jupiter, the marching chieftain will meet with his end; discord will arise between Brahmins and Kshatriyas, and there will be no rain; the Kosalas, Kalingasj Vangasi Vatsas, Mathsyas, the middle country people, eunuchs and the Surasenas will suffer severely. When he is defeated by Mars, commandants of armies will be slain, and kings will wage war. When defeated by Mercury, the Parvateeyas will be lost; there will be no milk-supply and rain will be scarce. When he is defeated by Saturn, foremen of corporations, military men, Kshatriyas and aquatic animals, will be afflicted. Moreover, the general effect mentioned in Adhyaya XVI—26-30 will take place.
25-26When Saturn is subdued by Venus, prices soar up, snakes, birds, and proud men suffer. Likewise, the Tangana, Andhra, Udra, Kasi and Bahleeka countries will come to grief when Saturn is overcome by Mars. When he is defeated by Mercury, the Angas, merchants, birds, cattle and elephants suffer; and when defeated by Jupiter, countries where women are predominating in number, the Mahishakas and Scythians will be afflicted.
27Thus have been described the special effects of the defeat of Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. The other—viz. general—effects are to be determined from the previous Adhyaya. The more any planet is stricken, the more will he ruin all that belongs to his department.

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