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Brihat Samitha 10-18

– 18 –

Conjunction of the Moon with planets or stars

1The Moon moving (more or less) to the north of the stars or planets wherever possible, i.e., keep in them to her right side, augurs prosperity to mankind. If she goes in the opposite direction, it is not auspicious to them.
2If the Moon moves to the north of Mars, the Parvateeyas and mighty men will be victorious; Kshatriyas and marching kings will be cheerful, and the earth will rejoice in the abundance of corn.
3The Moon moving to the north of Mercury brings victory to the kings in the town, confers plenty of food and corn, happiness on people, and influx of wealth to the treasuries of kings.
4When the Moon is to the north of Jupiter, kings guarding towns, Brahmins, Kshatriyas, scholars, righteousness and the middle country will thrive; there will be plenty of food and the people will be happy.
5When the Moon is to the north of Venus, hoarders of wealth, elephants and horses will flourish, archers and marching chiefs will conquer, and the crops will be at their best.
6Should the Moon move to the north of Saturn, sovereigns keeping the town would triumph, and the Scythians, Bahleekas, Sindhus, Pahlavas and Yavanas would be joyful.
7If the Moon move to the north of a star or a planet, herself regaining unhurt, she benefits the substances, kings in town or marching chiefs as the case may be, and the countries assigned to the particular star or planet. If on the other hand she moves to the south of the same, she destroys the above-mentioned belongings.
8All the effects announced in the case of the Moon standing north of a planet become nullified when she stands south. Thus, have been described the Moon’s conjunction with stars and planets. There is absolutely no fight between the Moon on one side and a planet or a star on the other.

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