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Brihat Samitha 19-27

Brihat Samita 19-27

– 19 –

The years presided over by each of the planets and their results

1-3The state of things in a year, month or day presided over by the Sun will be as follows: everywhere, the earth is covered with very little crop, the forests are infested with voracious tusked animals as a visitation; very little water flows in the rivers; medicines do not show their usual potency. Even in winter, the Sun burns scorching; clouds, though big as mountains, do not pour forth sufficient rain. The Moon and the cluster of stars in the sky lose their brilliance. Groups of hermits and cattle languish. Monarchs with irresistible forces consisting of elephants, horses and foot soldiers, with their followers and with an excellent armament of bows, swords and clubs go about destroying the lands by war.
4-6During the year presided over by the Moon, the sky will be covered with clouds which resemble moving mountains, which show the dark hue of snakes, collyrium, bees and buffaloes’ horn, and which fill the whole earth with pure water and the quarters with a deep sound that creates pangs of separation in the minds of lovers. The water-sheets are decked with lotuses and lilies, the trees are blossoming and the bees humming in the parks; the cows yield abundant milk, and (charming ladies increasingly delight their handsome lovers with amorous sports. (Kings rule over the earth rich in wheat, paddy, barley, Kalama rice and plantations of sugarcane, and in towns and mines marked with sacrificial altars and resounding with the noise of great and small sacrifices.
7-9In the year presided over by Mars, most violent fires roused by the wind spread out threatening to consume villages, forests and towns; crowds of men ruined by the inroads of hordes of robbers and bereft of their properties and cattle cry out ‘alas, alas’ throughout the land. The clouds, although bulky in appearance and piled up will not let loose anywhere much water. Even the crops that grow in the low-lying lands wither out. Even if it should bear fruit, it will be forcibly taken away by robbers. Kings do not attend whole-heartedly to their governing duties. Bilious diseases prevail; there will be trouble from snakes. Mankind whose crops have failed will be thus afflicted by various calamities.
10-12If Mercury be the lord of the year, month or day, men proficient in the art of jugglery, enchantments and magic, mines, townspeople, musicians, painters, accountants and military men will thrive; kings will desire to exchange beautiful things creating joy among themselves with the idea of cultivating friendship. Rearing of cattle, trade, and husbandry will thrive through honesty. Vedic studies will be in a state of perfection. Justice will be administered scrupulously by kings as by Manu himself. Some will apply their mind to Yoga Vidya and others desiring the highest state to the science of logic. Jesters, envoys, poets, children, eunuchs, perfumers and those that live near bridges, water and mountains will be happy. The earth will abound in herbs.
13-15In the auspicious year presided over by Jupiter, the deep sounds produced in sacrifice by the great priests chanting Vedic hymns go up to heaven continually rending the hearts of evil spirits and delighting the hearts of the Gods partaking of the offerings. The earth is so full of excellent crops, so teeming with elephants, horse and foot, so stored with wealth and large herds of cows, and so prosperous owing to the protection of her rulers, that her people seem to vie with the denizens of heaven. The sky is covered with numerous towering clouds that regale the earth with water. The earth will be blessed with plenty of corn and great prosperity.
16-18In a year presided over by Venus, the earth will abound in rice and sugarcane its surface will be filled with water poured out by clouds resembling mountains; it will be studded with tanks whose water is decked with beautiful lotuses and thus it will shine like a damsel with her limb dazzling through fresh ornaments. The kings will smash the mighty hosts of enemies making the quarters resound with the loud cries of victory. And the kings will rule over the earth rich in towns, mines and good people that are contented; and all bands of wicked persons will be annihilated. In the vernal season, young men will drink frequently wine with their beloveds; people constantly will sing melodiously to the accompaniment of flute and lute. Men will dine often with their guests, friends and relatives; and the cries of victory of the God of Love will be heard everywhere.
19-21In a year presided over by Saturn, the country will be torn Thy many battles of unruly bands of robbers, will be deprived of cattle and properties and whole families will cry piteously owing to the murder of their near and dear ones and be oppressed by fell diseases and hunger. The sky will be bereft of clouds being chased by the wind; all the trees with their branches broken down will cover the earth. The sky will not be illuminated by the rays of the Sun and the Moon, since it is covered with a dense mass of dust. Tanks and lakes will dry up; and the rivers will become very shallow. In some parts, the crops will perish for want of water, in others, they get on being watered by artificial means; and the Rain-god yields but little rain.
22If a planet be small, with faint rays, be posited in his depression house or be overcome by another, we will not give any good result. If he be otherwise i.e., big, with brilliance, posited in a good house, or be victorious in war, he will confer great prosperity. If the lords of the year and the month be both malefic, then their evil effects will be aggravated in the particular month. On the other hand, if both be benefic, the good effects will be heightened. If one of them be good and the other bad, the result will be trifling.

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