Brihat Samitha 28-36


– 29 –

Prognostics from Flowers and Creepers

1By observing the abundance of flowers and fruits of trees, the availability of all things in large quantities at cheap rates should be ascertained; so also, the thriving of crops.
2From the (luxuriance of the flowers and fruits of the) Sala tree, the prospects of Kalama rice are to be determined; from the red Asoka, red rice; from Ae Ksheerika, yellowish rice; and from Ae bluish Asoka, hog’s rice.
3Through the Banyan tree, barley should be guessed; through the ebony tree, the Shastika rice? and through the Aswattha, the success of all crops.
4From the Jamboo fruits (Rose-apples) are ascertained sesamum and black gram; from the success of Sirisha flowers is inferred the full growth of Priyangu; from the Madhuka tree, wheat; and from the Saptaparna, the rich growth of barley.
5From the Atimukta tree and the round Jesmine is known the state of cotton crop; from the Asana tree, mustard; from the Jujube fruits, horse-grant? and from the Chirabilva or Karanja, green gram.
6Atasi is to be determined from the flowers of Vetasa; Kodrava from the flowers of the Palasa tree; conch-shells, pearls and silver from the Tilaka tree and hemp from the Ingudi tree.
7The price of elephants should be determined from the Hastikarna trees; of horses from the Aswakarna; of cows, from the Patala trees; and of goats and sheep from plantains.
8The abundance and cheapness of gold should be inferred from the Champaka flowers; of corals, from the Bandhujeeva flowers; of diamonds, from the luxuriance of the Kuravaka trees; and of Vaidurya (beryl) from the Nandikavarta.
9One has to know pearls through the Sindhuvara tree; artisans from saffron; the king from red lotuses; and the minister from blue lilies.
10Traders are indicated by Suvarnapushpa (golden flower); Brahmins, by lotuses; royal priests by lilies; the commander of the army, by the Saugandhika flower and the increase of gold, by the Arka plant.
11One should guess the happiness of mankind from mangoes; danger from Bhallataka; health from Peelu; famine from the growth of Khadira and Samee trees; and good rain from the Arjuna trees.
12From the flowers of the Neem tree and Nagakesara, abundance of food grains should be foretold; from the wood-apple, wind; from the Nichula free, danger of drought; and from the Kutaja tree, impending disease.
13The growth of sugarcane is presaged by the flowers of Durva and sacred grass; outbreak of fire by the Kovidara tree; and the increase and prosperity of concubines by the luxuriance of the Syama creeper.
14When trees, bushes and creepers are seen fully packed with glossy leaves without any interspace, beautiful rain is then to be predicted; while if they are covered with rough leaves with inter-spaces very little rain is to be declared.