Brihat Samitha 28-36


– 35 –

Signs of Rainbows

1The rays of the Sun which have various colours, being thrown back by the wind in a cloudy sky, are seen in the form of a bow which is called the Rainbow.
2Some sages declare that the rainbow is caused by the breath of the descendants of Anantha, the King of serpents. The rainbow appearing in front of kings starting on an expedition brings about their defeat.
3A rainbow which, being unbroken, bright and glossy, thick and multi-coloured, touches the ground at both ends, appears double and is behind persons, conduces to weal and yields rain .
4A rainbow that appears in an intermediate direction destroys the lord of that particular region; one seen in a cloudless sky causes pestilence and one that is pink, yellow and blue produces evils from war, fire and famine respectively.
5A rainbow seen in the middle of water causes drought; on land, destruction of crops; on a tree, disease; on an anthill, danger from weapons; and at night, the death of a minister.
6One’ seen in the east when there is no rain produces rain and vice versa; and in the west, it always indicates rain.
7A rainbow seen at night in the east causes ill-health to the king; and in the south, west and north it destroys the commander-in-chief, a leading person and a minister respectively.
8At night, the rainbow in white, red, yellow and dark colours engenders suffering to Brahmins and other classes in their order. In whichever quarter it is observed, it will kill the chief monarch of that region erelong.