Brihat Samitha 28-36


– 36 –

An Aerial City

1An aerial city seen in the four quarters beginning with the north is harmful to the royal priests, kings, commanders of armies and the Yuvaraja respectively. Similarly, one with white, red, yellow or dark colour tends to the annihilation of the Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaisyas or Sudras as the case may be.
2An aerial city seen in the north confers victory on the kings defending towns; in the intermediate quarters, it is for the destruction of persons of mixed castes; and one with triumphal arches in a quarter not facing the Sun, for the victory of kings.
3One arising in all directions and at all times bodes ill to the kings and countries; and one resembling smoke, fire and rainbow, destroys robber and forester.
4One of faded colour occasions the fall of thunderbolts and storm; if it is in a blasted region (facing the Sun), a king will die; if to the left, it produces menace of enemies; and if to the right, it confers victory.
5When a multi-coloured aerial city, taking various shapes, shines in the sky with streamers, banners and gateways, the Earth will drink in plenty the blood of elephants, human beings and horses in battle.