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Brihat Samitha 55-63

– 57 –

On the Adamantine Glue

1-3Take unripe Tinduka fruits, unripe wood-apples, flowers of silk cotton, seeds of Sallaki, the bark of Dhanvana and Vacha; boil them all in a Drona of water and reduce it to an eighth of its original volume. Combine the sediments with the following substances, viz., Srivasaka (a secretion of a tree used as incense), Raktabola, Guggulu, Bhallataka, Kunduruka (the exudation of Deodar), the exudation of Sarjarasa tree, Atasi and Bilwa fruit. This paste is termed Adamantine glue.
4When this glue, being heated, is applied to temples, mansions, windows, Siva’s emblems, idols, walls and wells, it will last for a crore of years.
5-6There is a second glue of excellent qualities made of the sediments, as explain before, of lac, Kunduru, Guggulu, house smoke, wood-apple, Bilwa kernel, fruits of Naga, Neern, Tinduka and Madana, madder, Sarjarasa, Raktabola and Amalaka. This too is made use of for the purposes mentioned above.
7There is a third glue known as Vajratala which is composed of the horns of cows, buffaloes and goats, hair of donkeys, buffalo-hide, cowhide, Neem fruits, wood apples and Raktabola.
8A mixture consisting of eight parts of lead, two of bell-metal, and one of iron rust, has been mentioned by Maya and is to be known as Vajra Sanghata (Diamond compound).

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