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Brihat Samitha 55-63

– 59 –

Ingress into the Forest

1The maker of images should enter the forest on a favourable day, i.e., a day presided over by a planet bestowing prosperity, and having an unhurt asterism when good foretokens are discovered by the astrologer and when there are auspicious omens prescribed for a journey.
2-4Those trees that grow in cemeteries, roads, temples, ant-hills, gardens, hermitages (penance groves), sacred spots, near the confluences of rivers, those that are reared being watered, those that are stunted, those that have grown beside others, those that are infested with creepers, that are broken by thunderbolt and storm, one that has fallen by itself, that is broken by elephants, that has withered,’ is burnt by fire, that contains bee hive—all these trees are to be avoided. Those that have soft leaves, lowers and fruits will be auspicious. Going to the desired (chosen) tree, he should worship it with food and flowers.
5-6Deodar, sandalwood, Sami and Madhuka are good for the images installed by Brahmins; Arishta, Aswattiui, Khadira and Bilwa bestow prosperity on the Kshatriyas; Jivaka, Khadira, Sindhuka and Syandana on the Vaisyas; and Tinduka, Kesara, Sarja, Arjuna, Mango and Saia, on the Sudras.
7Since an emblem of Siva or an image should be installed according to the directions of the tree, the different directions as well as the upside and downside should be marked on the tree.
8-9After worshipping the tree with Payasa, sweets, rice, curds, sesamum seeds, edibles, etc., wine, flowers, incenses and perfumes, Gods, manes, Goblins, demons, serpents, Asuras, hosts of Siva, Ganesa, etc. should be worshipped at night- Thereafter, touching the tree, one should recite the following:
10-11“Oh Tree, you have been selected for the worship of the particular deity. Salutation to you! I worship you in accordance with the rules; kindly accept it. May all those beings that dwell in this tree fix their residence elsewhere after receiving the offerings made according to rules. May they forgive us now; We bow to them.”
12In the morning, one should sprinkle the tree with water and cut it on the north-eastern side with an axe smeared with honey and ghee. The remaining parts are to be cut in a clockwise manner.
13If the tree falls down on the east, northeast, or north, it augurs prosperity; if it falls on the south-east, south, south-west, west and north-west, there will be in order, outbreak of fires, disease, disease, disease and destruction of horses.
14What has not been mentioned here in connection with the topic of ‘entering a forest’ [vis., the fall of trees (Adh. XLIII-20), the cutting and the interior of trees was already (Adh. XLIII-19) explained by me in connection with Indra’s banner and construction of hous’es. (Adh. LIII-122) Those ideas have to be applied here too.

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