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Brihat Samitha 55-63

– 61 –

Signs of Cows

1Here I am abridging the signs of cows that were taught by Parasara to his disciple Brihadratha. All varieties of them are auspicious; still I shall delineate them on the authority of the Sastras.
2-4Cows with dirty and rough eyes, shedding tears and resembling those of rats are not auspicious; nor are those that have flat shaking horns, that are black and red in colour or have the colour of donkeys. So also are those that have ten, seven or four teeth, drooping face, without horns, depressed face, of short and thick neck, middle resembling barley corn, broken , hoofs, very long blackish tongue, very small or very big ankle joints, big hump, weak body and fewer or more limbs.
5-6A bull with the above characteristics, large and hanging testicles, breast full of veins and cheeks covered with thick veins, and one which urinates in three different jets bring no luck. One tawny or dark red, having cat’s eyes is not good even for Brahmins. One with dark lips, palate and tongue and continually blowing, is pernicious to the flock.
7A bull that makes too much dung, has gem-like horns (or has too big penis and horns), white belly and colour of a spotted deer should be abandoned though born at home. For it would otherwise bring ruin upon the flock.
8A bull whose body is filled with dark spots resembling flowers, has greyish red colour, and cat’s eyes, brings no luck even to a Brahmin who accepts it.
9Those bulls that have weak necks, tremulous eyes, stunted growth, and raise their hoofs as if from mire, while being yoked or engaged in bearing loads cannot carry burdens.
10-12Bulls that have soft, touching and red lips, small buttocks, red palate and tongue, small ^ short and erect ears, well-shaped belly, touching shanks, red and compact hoofs, strong breast, plump hump, soft, smooth and slender hair, red and slender horns, thin tail reaching the ground, red eye-corners, long breath, a leonine shoulder and a thin and small dewlap are honoured as being good runners.
13Bulls with hairy circles turning left on the left side and with those turning right on the rightside are favourable; so also, are those whose shanks resemble those of antelopes.
14Bulls with eyes hued like the beryl-stone, or surrounded by white rings, or farmed like a water bubble, and exhibit thick eyelashes and unbroken hinder parts of hoofs, are good and fit for carrying loads.
15-16A bull that has wrinkles on its snout, a cat’s face, is white on the right side, or has the colour of lotus, lily or lac, has a good tail, speed similar to that of a horse, hanging testicles, stomach like that of sheep, or narrow groins and breast, is certainly fit for burden and travel, equal to a horse in speed and conducive of good results.
17A white bull that is tawny in eyes, copper-coloured in horns and eyes (sight), that has a large mouth (or face), is termed Hamsa (swan) and is declared to bring good luck and prosperity to the flock.
18One whose tail touches the ground, horns and eyes red, hump prominent, colour a mixture of white, red and yellow, makes its owner a lord of wealth ere-long.
19One that has one white foot also brings good luck even if it be of any colour. Where one with all auspicious signs is not available, another of partially good promise is acceptable.

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