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Brihat Samitha 64-72

Brihat Samitha 64-72

– 64 –

Signs of tortoises

1A tortoise that as the colour of crystal or silver, that is marked with blue, lines, that has a pot-like body, a beautiful back-bone, or has a red body, and is ornamented with spots in the form of white mustard seeds, gives one the over-lordship of all kings when being kept at home.
2A tortoise that has a body dark in colour similar to collyrium or bee, that is beautified by spots, that has a full-grown body, a serpentine head or a broad neck, also conduces to the prosperity of the realms of kings.
3A tortoise that has the lustre of beryl, a thick neck, a triangular shape, hidden cavities and a fine back-bone is auspicious. Such a tortoise should be kept in a pleasure-lake or in a basin full of water by kings for the sake of auspiciousness.

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