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Brihat Samitha 73-81

Brihat Samitha 73-81

– 73 –

Signs of Umbrellas

1-3A white umbrella of the following description brings all round happiness and victory to a king. It is to be made of the feathers of swans, cocks, peacocks or cranes; it must be covered all round with a fresh, white silken cloth. It must be adorned with pearls and have garlands of pearls suspended all round from its edges; its handle is made of crystal; the rod of a single wood is six cubits in length, covered with pure gold and having seven or nine joints. The extent or diameter is 3 cubits. It should be well-knit all over and adorned with gems.
4The rod of the umbrella of a Yuvaraja, Queen, Commandant of the army and a General is 4and half cubits in height and 2 and half cubits in extent or diameter.
5The umbrella of other officers of the state should be formed with pea-cock feathers so as to ward off the Sun’s heat and having wreaths of gems hanging all round; its top being adorned with gold fillets as a token of royal favour.
6The umbrella of ordinary persons should be of a square form^ capable of warding off cold and heat. That of Brahmins should be circular and have a cylindrical rod.

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