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Brihat Samitha 73-81

– 76 –

Erotic Remedies

1When (at the time of coitus) the blood (of the woman) exceeds the sperm (of man), a female will be born; when the sperm exceeds the blood, a male; when both are equal, a hermaphrodite. Hence, one ought to take tonics that increase one’s sperm.
2Cupid’s snare consists of the following group: viz., a terrace, the Moon’s rays, lilies, wine, an intoxicated sweetheart, a lute, amatory talk, privacy and garlands.
3A man who eats for 21 days a mixture of equal quantities of (mineral honey), honey, mercury, iron-dust, (yellow myrobalan), (bitumen), and ghee, though he be very old or an octogenarian, will be able to please a damsel, as though he were a young man.
4If one drinks milk boiled with Kapikacchu roots or eats only six morsels of black gram boiled in milk and ghee (in ghee prepared from milk itself), followed by a drink of milk, one will not be exhausted by women.
5A man having numerous wives should take the powder of विदारिका, boiled seven times in its own sap and then concentrated, and drink with its boiled milk mixed with sugar.
6Boil well the powder of myrobalan with its own juice and mix it with honey, sugar and ghee. After licking this, drink milk according to your digestion; then you will be able to enjoy sexual pleasures to the utmost.
7A lustful man should boil milk with goat’s testes and sesamum several times and thus concentrate it. By taking that and drinking milk after that, he will put even the sparrow to shame by his exuberant virility.
8Men who eat boiled Shastika rice with ghee and black gram soup and then drink milk, sleep on, those nights after repeated sport of love.
9A mixture of sesamum, Aswagandha, Kapikachchu, Vidarika and Shashtika rice, the whole ground in goat’s milk and then boiled in ghee, will be like the (Sashkuli) eatable and will increase sperm (be a good aphrodisiac).
10If the virility of a man diminishes; he should take either गोक्षुर or हरीतकी roots boiled in milk. Then his sexual power will remain unimpaired. If he suffers from dullness of the digestive apparatus, he might take the following powder.
11A mixture of equal quantities of Ajamoda, rock-salt, हरीतकी, ginger and Pippali, soaked in liquor, butter-milk, gruel or hot-water and drunk, promotes digestion.
12One who eats excessively sour, bitter, salt or pungent things and meals chiefly consisting of a boiled mixture of things and leafy vegetables (or saline pot-herbs), will lose the power of sight, sperm and manhood, and on getting a damsel, he will, however young, make several sham attempts, as if he were an old man.

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