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Brihat Samitha 82-90

– 85 –

Tokens of Tooth-Sticks

1Sticks for cleansing the teeth may be made from thousands of varieties of creepers, spreading plants, shrubs and trees, and their effects may be expounded; but in order not to indulge in much prolixity, I shall only delineate those of favorable consequences.
2One ought not to use the following tooth sticks i those that have not been tried so far; those that have leaves; those that have an. even number of joints; those that are split; those that are withered at the top; and those that are without bark.
3Vaikankata, Bilwa and Kasmari being used as tooth-sticks tend to Brahminical splendour; the Kshema tree (milky tree?) bestows a good wife; the banyan tree, prosperity; Arka, great brilliance; Madhuka virtuous sons and popularity.
4Fortune is ensured by the use of Sirisha and Karanja; acquisition of abundant wealth wished for, by the Indian fig tree- By the use of the jasmine wood, man acquires honour and respect; and by the sacred tree (Aswattha) it is said, one comes to prominence.
5Good health and long life may be expected from Jujube and Brihati; increase of wealth (or lordship) from Khadira and Bilwa (or authority and profit from Khadira and Bilwa); desired objects from Atimuktaka (a kind of Jesamine); and the same from Kadamba.
6From Nipa one may expect acquisition of wealth; from Karavira, eating of good food; from Bhandira tree, a sumptuous feast. Sami and Arjuna destroy one’s enemies; Syama too brings about the annihilation of one’s foes.
7Dignity, they say, will result from the use of Sala and Aswakarna, as well as of Deodar and Vasaka. By using the twigs of Priyangu, Apamarga, Jambu and pomegranate, one becomes the favourite of everybody.
8One should after cherishing in the heart, any desire whatsoever for the coming year, use a good tooth-stick, sitting at ease, facing the north or the east without any resentment; and then after washing it, he should leave it in a clean place.
9Auspicious is a tooth-stick that falls, when thrown away, towards the user and in a tranquil (unscorched) direction; it is especially good, if occupies an elevated place. One contrary to the above is declared to be inauspicious; whereas one that falls down after standing erect for a while, brings sumptuous food.

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