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Brihat Samitha 82-90

– 89 –

The Cries of Dogs

1aIf a dog passes urine on a man, horse, elephant, pot, saddle, milky tree, heap of bricks, umbrella, bed, seat, mortar, banner, chowrie or a piece of ground covered with green grass or flowers, and goes in front of a traveler, then there will be success of his undertaking; if it urinates on wet cow dung, he will get a somptnous meal; if on dry cow-dung, dry food, jaggery or sweets.
1bAgain if the dog passes urine on or kicks a poisonous or thorny tree, fire-wood, stone, withered tree, bones or cremation ground, and goes in advance of a traveler, it indicates dire consequences to him; if it urinates on couches or vessels made by potters and the like, unused and unbroken, the virgins in his house will be spoiled ; if on those being used, his wife’s character will be besmirched ; the same refers to sandals also. If it urinates on a cow, there will be an admixture of blood in his family by its contact with low-class people.
1cWhen a dog comes towards a traveler with a slipper in its mouth, he will achieve success; with meat, he will gain wealth; with a wet bone, happiness; with a burning stick or dry bone, he will meet with his end; with an extinguished stick, he will get blows; with a human head, hand, foot or smaller limb, he will get lands; with a cloth, tree-bark (tags) of the like, miseries; bat according to some, good results will accrue, when it carries a cloth.
1dWhen a dog enters a house with a dry bone in its mouth, there will be the death of the head of the family living in it; when it comes towards a traveler with a chain, shriveled creeper, thong or other means of tying in its mouth, he will suffer imprisonment; if it licks his feet or, shaking its ears, gets upon him, there will be obstacles to him; when it obstructs him or scratches its own limbs, he will have impediments; when it sleeps with its legs raised, there will be evil to all persons.
2If one or more dogs bark at the Sun at Sunrise from the middle of a village, it is an indication of the immediate change of rulers.
3If a dog barks standing in the S. E. corner and facing the Sun, there will erelong be danger from thieves and fire; if at mid-day. outbreak of fire and death (or death from fire); if in the afternoon, a sanguinary feud.
4A dog barking at the Sun at Sunset indicates immediate danger to agriculturists; one barking towards the northwest in the evening, produces danger arising from wind and thieves.
5A dog barking at the North at midnight foretells trouble to Brahmins, and cattle-lifting; one facing the N. E. towards the dawn, scandal about virgins, outbreak of fire and miscarriage of foetus.
6If dogs standing on heaps of straw or on the tops of palaces (temples) or mansions, bark very loud in the monsoon, they indicate very severe rain; in other seasons, death, fire or diseases.
7If during a drought in the rainy season, dogs plunge in water, and then turning round and round shake off the water from their sides repeatedly, or stir, or drink the water, there will be rain within 12 days.
8If a dog barks looking at the lady of the, house and placing its head on the threshold and body put side, there will be illness in the house; if, on the other hand, it stands inside the house and barks facing (her in) the yard outside, the lady, it is to be noted, would be an adulteress.
9When a dog scratches the wall of a house, there will be danger of burglary in it; when the ground in a cowshed, cattle-lifting; when cornfields or granaries, gain of corn.
10A dog having tears in one eye, looking pitiable and eating very little causes misery in the house; one sporting with cows indicates plenty of food grains, happiness, sound health and joy.
11If a dog smells the left knee of a traveler, he will get money; if the right knee, there will be quarrel with women; if the left thigh, enjoyment of sensual pleasures; if the right thigh, dissensions with beloved persons and friends.
12If a dog smells the feet of a traveler, it forbids the journey; if those of one standing still, it indicates the acquisition of the desired amount of wealth if the slippers of one in his own place, an immediate journey.
13If it smells both the arms, it would bring about the person’s association with his enemies and thieves; it it hide eatables, flesh or bones inside ashes, there would be shortly an out-break of fire.
14When dogs after barking in the village go out to the cemetery and bark there, a prominent person of the village will die- When a dog barks facing a person desiring to undertake a journey, it forbids the journey.
15When a dog howls producing the sound of “U” or “O” to the left of a traveler, he will achieve his objects (or get wealth) ; the sound of “Au” indicates distress; and all kinds of cries behind him forbid the journey.
16The dogs that produce repeatedly the sound “Kham kham” in a loud voice as if they are beaten with clubs, or run in a circular group towards a traveler indicate barrenness of his journey and fear of death.
17If a dog showing its teeth licks the corners of its mouth, the traveler will get a sumptuous meal , so opine those well-versed in the science; but if it licks its mouth (face) and not the corners of the mouth, there will be obstacle to his eating food, though he may have begun to eat it.
18If dogs bark repeatedly in a group in the middle of a village or town, its lord will get into trouble; a wild dog shall be treated just like a deer.
19-20If a dog barks standing near a tree, there will be rain; if near Indra’s bolt (?), there will be trouble to the king’s minister; if in the N. W. corner inside a house, danger to the crops ; if in the city-gate, suffering in the city ; if on beds, peril to their owners; dogs barking behind a traveler cause danger to him ; those barking to the left of men indicate peril from their enemies.

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