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Brihat Samitha 82-90

– 90 –

On the Cries of Jackals

1Jackals are similar to dogs in effect with the difference that the former get passion for mating in the ‘Sisira’ season (months of Magha and Phalguna). The sounds “…” at the end of their howling and ‘zizi’ at other times are ‘full’; all other sounds are said to be “Burning” .
2And the sound ‘‘Kakka” of the Lomasika (Hair-eater) is Full for, that is its natural cry; all other sounds being opposed to the natural one are termed “Burning.”
3The jackal is commendable in the east and the north; one stationed in a ‘Tranquil’ quarter and having a pleasant sound is always highly favourable; one facing the ‘Smoking’ quarter and ‘Burning’ in respect of voice destroys the rulers of that direction.
4Sloka not translated.
5In all quarters, a ‘Burning’ jackal is of evil consequences especially in the daytime; one going from right to left of a town or army and facing the Sun is harmful.
6If its cry is like there will be danger from fire; if like the news of somebody’s death; if like great calamity; if it is flaming in the mouth, the country will be destroyed.
7Some sages (such as Kasyapa) do not declare the dreadful nature of the flaming jackal. For; on account of the intrinsic nature of its saliva, its mouth is fiery like the Sun and other luminaries .
8The cry of a jackal stationed in the South being re-echoed by another, indicates the death of a relative by hanging; but in the West, by drowning.
9-10When a jackal howls once, twice thrice, four times, five times, six times or seven times, the effects will severally be freedom from distress, hearing pleasant news gain of wealth, arrival of a beloved person, turmoil, dissension among the king’s ministers (or breaking of a valuable article?) or prosperity of vehicles- If it cries more times, no heed is to be given to that; but if it cries in the South, the above effects of the frequency
will be just the contrary, save for the fifth or the sixth. (The respective effects in the South will be—distress, hearing unpleasant news, loss of wealth, separation from a beloved person, turmoil, dissension and loss of vehicles.)
11A jackal that produces horripilation in men, makes horses pass dung and urine and frightens people through its howl, leads to dire results.
12When a jackal keeps quiet on its cry being reached by men, elephants or horses, whether in a town or military camp, prosperity will accrue to it therefrom.
13If the jackal’s cry sounds like (…) the effect is dreadful; if like (…), there will be great misery; if like (…) death or imprisonment; and if like (…) benefit will accrue to the person.
14If a jackal standing in a ‘Tranquil’ direction and having pleasant voice produces any sound beginning with or the harsh sound (…) or first sounding like (…) produces sound at the end, it is auspicious For all these sounds are born of its heart’s joy.
15If a jackal at first cries producing some harsh sound in a very high pitch and then howls in its natural fashion, it indicates preservation and acquisition of wealth and union with a beloved person who had gone abroad.

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