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Brihat Samitha 91-99

Brihat Samitha 91-99

– 91 –

Omens connected with the Movements of Wild Animals

1Wild animals standing in a ‘Burning’ quarter at the border of a town or village and crying indicate danger during the same clay; those going away from the border in the same circumstance, danger that is over; and those coming towards it, danger that is impending. If they go around it, the town or village will become a void.
2If the wild animals standing in the border of a town cry and are re-echoed by domestic rural animals, peril to the town is indicated; if by other wild animals, siege; and if by both domestic and wild animals, kidnapping of women.
3When a wild animal stands at the town gate, the town will be besieged; when the animal enters it, it will be destroyed J when it brings forth a young one, there will be death; when it dies, danger; when it enters a home, its owner will be imprisoned.

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