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Mahabharata – Adi Parva – Chaitraratha Parva – 165-183

Mahabharata – Adi Parva – Chaitraratha Parva – 165-183

– 165 –

Chaitraratha Parva

Narration by the Brahmana

1Janamejaya said: O Brahmana, what did those best of men, the Pandavas, do after they had killed the, Rakshasas Baka.
2O king, after killing the Rakshasas Baka, they lived in the house of that Brahmana engaged in the study of the Vedas.
3A few days after, a Brahmana of rigid vows came to the house of the Brahmana in order to live there.
4That best of Brahmanas, ever hospitable to hosts, after duly worshipping him, in his house, gave him quarters to live.
5Then all those, 0 best of men, the Pandavas, with Kunti requested the Brahmanas to narrate his interesting experiences.
6He spoke to them of various countries, pilgrimages, rivers, kingdoms, many wonderful provinces cities.
7-8O Janamejaya, when the narrations were over, that Brahmanas spoke to them of the wonderful Svayamvara of the daughter of Yajnasena, the princess of Panchala and the births of Dhrishtadyumna and Shikhandi and that of Krishna, bom of no woman, in the sacrifice of Drupada.
9When he concluded, those best of men (the Pandavas) hearing of these extraordinary affairs asked him to narrate it in detail.
10The Pandavas said: O Brahmana, how did the birth of Dhrishtadyumna, the son of Drupada, take place from the (sacrificial) fire?
11How did the wonderful birth of Krishna take place from the (sacrificial) after? How did (the sons of Drupada) learn all weapons from the great bowman Drona? How and for whom and for what reason was the friendship between Drona and Drupada broken?
12Vaishampayana said: O king, having been thus asked by those best of men, the Brahmana narrated in detail the account of the birth of Draupadi.

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