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Mahabharata – Adi Parva – Hidimbavadha Parva – 152-156

Mahabharata – Adi Parva – Hidimbavadha Parva – 152-156

– 152 –

Hidimbavadha Parva

Colloquy of Hidimba and Bhima

1Vaishampayana said: Nor far from the place where they (the Pandavas) slept there was a Rakshasas, named Hidimba, living on a Sala tree.
2-4(He was) greatly energetic and powerful, black as the clouds of the rainy season, hungry and eager for human flesh of cruel and terrible visage, of long shanks and large belly, locks and beard, red in colour of shoulder broad as the neck of the large tree of ears like arrow and of features frightful and hideous. When casting his glance at pleasure all around (the place), he saw the great car warriors, the sons of Pandu.
5Ugly featured, red eyed, fearful and terrible looking, hungry and thirsty he looked around at pleasure and he saw them in that state.
6-8Yawning wistfully, shaking his dry and grizzly locks pointed upwards and scratching them with his finger the large mouthed cannibal repeatedly looked at the sleeping sons of Pandu. Of huge body and great strength of complexion like a mass of clouds, of teeth long and sharp pointed, of face emitting a sort of lustre, he was ever pleased with the human food. Smelling the scent of man, he spoke thus to his sister, “It is after a long time that my most favourite food has come to me. My tongue is moist with saliva in anticipating the relish of such food.
9My eight teeth are sharp pointed and incapable of being resisted by anything. I shall dip them into the most delicious meat.
10Attacking the human throat and (human) arteries also. I shall drink a plentiful quantity of hot, fresh and frothy blood.
11Go and ascertain who these (men) are, lying asleep in this forest. The strong scent of man pleases my nostrils.
12Killing all these men, bring them to me. They are asleep in my dominion. There is no fear for you.
13Tearing a plentiful flesh from these men. We shall then both eat (the meat). You immediately obey my command.
14Eating to our will the flesh of these men, we shall dance together to various tones.
15-16Having been thus addressed by Hidimba in the forest, Hidimba. The female Rakshasas, went at the command of her brother, O best of the Bharata race, to the place where the Pandavas were. Going there she saw the Pandavas with Pritha asleep and the invincible Bhimasena sitting awake.
17Seeing Bhimasena who resembled a Sala tree and who was matchless in beauty, the Rakshasi was filled with desire.
18She thought: “His colour is like the heated gold; he is mighty armed, he is ” leonine shouldered, he is greatly effulgent, he is conch necked and he is lotus eyed, he is fit to be my husband.
19-20I shall not away the cruel commands of my brother. A woman’s love for her husband is greater then that of her brother. If I kill him, my brother’s and my pleasure will be momentary, but if I do not kill him, I shall for ever enjoy with hi.”
21-23She was capable of assuming any from at will. She assumed an excellent human form and came slowly to the mighty armed Bhimasena. Being decked with celestial ornaments, she came to Bhimasena in bashful demeanour and with smiles on her lips. She said, “O best of men, whence have you come her and who are you? Who are these celestial like men that are asleep here?
24O sinless one, who is this delicate lady of transcendent beauty sleeping so trustfully here in this forest, as if she is in her own house?
25Do you not know that this dense forest is the abode of Rakshasas. Here dwells the wicked-minded Rakshasas named Hidimba.
26O celestial like man, I have been sent here by my brother, that Rakshasas, with the cruel intention of eating your flesh.
27I tell you truly that seeing you as effulgent as a celestial, I do not desire anybody else to be my husband except you.
28O learned man in all the precepts of virtue, do to me what is proper. My heart and body are both pierced by Kama (god of love). I am desirous of making you mine; make me yours.
29O mighty armed hero, I shall rescue you from the Rakshasas who eats human flesh. O sinless one, become my husband, we shall live on the breasts of mountains.
30I can travel in the sky and I do so at pleasure. You may enjoy with me incomparable pleasure in those place.”
31Bhima said: O Rakshasi, like a self controlled Rishi, who can leave his mother, elder and younger brothers, sleeping happily (here)?
32What man like me would leave his sleeping mother and brother and as food for a Rakshasas in order gratify his lust?
33The Rakshasi said :
Awake them all. I shall do what is agreeable to you. I shall rescue you all from my cannibal brother.
34Bhima said:
35O Rakshasi, for the fear of your wicked minded brother, I shall not awaken my mother and brothers, sleeping comfortably in the forest.
36O timid girl, the Rakshasas are never able to withstand my prowess. O beautiful eyed one, no man, no Gandharva and no Yaksha (can also withstand it.)
37O amiable girl, go or stay or do what you like, or O delicate shaped lady, send your cannibal brother (to me.)

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