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Mahabharata – Adi Parva – Hidimbavadha Parva – 152-156

– 153 –

Hidimbavadha Parva – Continued

Fight between Hidimba and Bhima

1Vaishampayana said: Seeing her delay (in returning), the king of the Rakshasas, Hidimba, got down from the tree and came where the Pandavas were.
2(He was) of red eyed and strong arms, of standing hair and large mouth, of colour like clouds, of sharp teeth and fearful appearance.
3Seeing this frightful creature alike from the tree, Hidimba became alarmed and thus spoke to Bhimasena-
4“The wicked minded cannibal is coming in anger. Do with your brothers what I ask you.
5O hero, endued as I am with the prowess of Rakshasas, I am capable of going anywhere at will. Get upon my hips; I shall carry you through the sky.
6O chastiser of foes, awake your mother and others, sleeping in comfort. Taking them all, I shall go through the sky”.
7Bhima said: O lady of fair hips, fear nothing. I am certain that so long I am here, there is no Rakshasa who can harm any of these (men). O lady of slender waist, I shall kill this (cannibal) before your very sight.
😯 timid girl, this worst of Rakshasas is not a worthy antagonist of mine, nay all the Rakshasas can never with stand my great prowess in battle.
9Behold my arms each like a trunk of an elephant. (Behold) my thighs like two iron clubs. (Behold) my chest, broad and adamantine.
10O beautiful girl, you shall see to day my Indra like prowess. O lady of fair hips, do not consider me weak, thinking that I am a human being.
11Hidimba said: O best of men, you are like a celestial. I do not consider you weak, but I have seen the prowess that Rakshasas exert on men.
12Vaishampayana said: O descendant of Bharata, the angry cannibal the Rakshasas hear these words of Bhima thus talking there.
13-14He saw Hidimba in human form, her head decked with garlands of flowers and her face like the full moon. Her eyebrows, nose, eyes and ringlets were all of the handsome description and her nail and complexion were of the most delicate colour. She was decked with all kinds of ornaments and attired in fine transparent robes.
15Seeing her in that charming human form the cannibal thought that she was lustful and became (very) angry.
16-17O best of the Kurus, becoming angry with his sister, the Rakshasas expanded his large eyes and thus spoke to her, “What foolish creature throws obstacle on my way when I am hungry; O Hidimba, have you become so senseless as not to fear my anger?
18O unchaste women, fie on you! you do me an injury out of lust! You are ready to sacrifice the honours of all the chief Rakshasas, your ancestors!
19I shall kill you with all those for whose sake you are trying to do me a great injury.”
20Having addressed Hidimba thus Hidimba with red eyes, his teeth pressing against teeth, ran at her with the intention of killing her.
21The best of all wielders of weapons Bhima, seeing him rush at her, reproached him by saying “stop, stop.”
22-23Vaishampayana said: Seeing the Rakshasas angry with his sister, Bhimasena smiled (in scorn) and spoke thus, “O Hidimba why do you awaken these (men) sleeping in comfort? O wicked-minded (Rakshasa), come to me first without loss of time.
24Smite me first; you should not kill woman, specially when she has been sinned against instead of sinning.
25This girl is not in her own control in becoming lustful towards me. She has been moved by the god of love who pervades every living form.
26-27O wicked creature, O you the most infamous of your class, your sister came here at yoUr command. Seeing my person, she desire me. The timid girl has done you no harm. It is the fault of the god of love and therefore, you should not injure her.
28O wicked wretch, you should not kill a woman when I am here. O cannibal, come with me (to a distance) and fight singly with me.
29I shall singly (fight with you) and send you to day to the land of the dead. O Rakshasa, your head will be pounded to pieces, being pressed by my strength.
30As if pressed by the trend of a mighty elephant. When you will be killed by me in battle your body will be to day tom by hawks, herons and jackals, in glee.
31I shall in a moment make this forest free of all Rakshasas, so long polluted by you by eating men.
32O Rakshasas, your sister will see today that I shall drag you, huge though your are like a mountain, as a lion drags an elephant.
33O worst of Rakshasas, when you will be killed by me men frequenting this forest will live safely and without fear.
34Hidimba said: O man, what is the need of your this vaunting and boasting? Accomplish all this first and then you my vaunt. Therefore, do not make any delay.
35-37You know yourself to be strong and endued with prowess. In your encounter with me to-day, you shall now rightly know with what is your (real) strength. I shall not kill these (your brothers) till then. Let them sleep at their pleasure, o foolish man, I shall first kill you who speaks such evil words. After drinking your blood, I shall then kill these (your brothers) and then kill this (my sister) who has done me an injury.
38Vaishampayana said: Having said this, the cannibal, outstretching his arms, ran in great wrath towards that chastiser of foes, Bhimasena.
39The greatly powerful Bhima soon sized the extended arms (of the rushing Rakshasas) with great force, as if in sport.
40Then seizing the struggling Rakshasas with violence, Bhima dragged him away from that place full thirty two cubits, as a lion drags a small deer.
41Thereupon the Rakshasas, becoming an angry, clasped the Pandava Bhima with great force and he sent forth a terrible yell.
42The greatly strong Bhima then dragged him again (further away) with (great) force, so that his comfortably sleeping brothers might not awake by his yell.
43Clasping and dragging each other with great force, both Bhimasena and Hidimba displayed their great prowess.
44Fighting like two large elephants mad with rage, they broke down the trees and tore off the creepers that grew around.
45By the great noise (of the fight) those best of men (the Pandavas) woke up with their mother and they saw Hidimba sitting before them.

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