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Mahabharata – Adi Parva – Hidimbavadha Parva – 152-156

– 154 –

Hidimbavadha Parva – Continued

Killing of Hidimba

1Vaishampayana said: Rising from sleep, those best of men (the Pandavas) with their mother were filled with astonishment on seeing the extraordinary beauty of Hidimba.
2-3Thereupon being astonished with her beauty, Kunti slowly addressed in sweet orders and give her all assurance. “O celestial beautiful maid, O beautiful one, who and whose are you? For what business have you come- here and from what place have you come?
4Are you the deity of this forest or (are you) an Apsara? Tell me all why you are sitting here.”
5Hidimba said: The blue cloud like great forest that you see is the abode of mine and that of my brother, Rakshasas Hidimba.
6O amiable lady, know me as being the sister of the Rakshasas chief. O respected madam, T was sent by my brother to kill you with your sons.
7Coming here at the command of that cruel- minded (Rakshasas), I saw your greatly powerful son of the colour of pure gold.
😯 blessed lady, I was brought under the control of your son by the god of love who pervades the nature of everything.
9I then chose your greatly powerful son as my husband. Through I tried to suppress this passion, I could not.
10Finding my delay, the cannibal, came in person here to kill all these your sons.
11But he has been dragged away by your illustrious and intelligent son and my (chosen) husband.
12Behold the man and the Rakshasas, both endued with great strength and prowess, (now) engaged in combat, pressing each other with great force and filling the whole region with their roars.
13Vaishampayana said: Hearing her these words, Yudhisthira, Arjuna, Nakula and the powerful Sahadeva hastily rose up.
14They saw those two (Bhima and Hidimba) already engaged in fight; they were dragging each other, (both) eager to overcome each other like two greatly strong lions.
15They clasped and pressed each other again and again. The dust of the earth rose like the smoke of the forest fire.
16Covered with the dust of the earth, they, who were like mountains looked like two cliffs enveloped in mists.
17Seeing Bhima oppressed by the Rakshasas, Partha, Arjuna, slowly said with smiles on his lips –
18“O Bhima, O mighty armed (hero) fear nothing, we did not know that in the fight with the terrible Rakshasas you are tired.
19O son of Pritha, I stand here to help you. I shall kill the Rakshasas. Nakula and Sahadeva will protect our mother.
20Bhima said: Look on this combat with unconcern. You need not take part in it. When he has come to my clutches, he will not escape with life.
21Arjuna said: O Bhima, what need is there to keep this wicked Rakshasas alive any longer? O chastiser of foes, we are to go from this place as soon as possible; and therefore we can stay here no longer.
22The east is reddening; the morning twilight is about to set in. At Raudra Muhurata Qust at the break of day), the Rakshasas become most powerful.
23O Bhima, be quick. Do not play (with him); kill the fierce Rakshasas. He can display Maya delusions, hereafter. Therefore, show the strength of you arms.
24Vaishampayana said: Having been thus addressed by Arjuna, Bhima blazed up in anger. He summoned the strength that Bahu puts forth at the time of the universal dissolution.
25He quickly raised up the cloud like Rakshasas in anger and he then whirled him one hundred times.
26Bhima said: (O Rakshasas), your body has in vain grown and thriven on unsanctified meat. Your intelligence is in vain, your sense is in vain. You deserve, therefore, an unholy death. I shall reduce you today to nothing.
27I shall make this forest blessed today, O Rakshasas, completely shorn of prickly plant (which you were in it); so that you shall no longer kill men in order to eat them.
28Arjuna said: If you think it a heavy task to kill the Rakshasas in battle, let me assist you. Kill him without (any further) loss of time.
29O Vrikodara, let me kill him alone. You are tired and you have almost finished the work and you well deserve rest (now).
30Vaishampayana said: having heard these words (of Arjuna) Bhimasena was inflamed with rage; and dashing him on the ground with all his might, he killed him like beast.
31When he was thus killed by Bhima, he sent forth a terrible roar like the sound of a wet drum which filled the whole forest.
32Then the strong son of Pandu (Bhima), holding the body with his hands, broke it in the middle and the mighty armed hero greatly pleased the Pandavas (by his this great deed).
33Seeing Hidimba slain, they were filled with joy and lost on time to congratulate that best of men, that chastiser of foes, Bhimasena.
34-35Thus congratulating the illustrious and greatly powerful Bhima, Arjuna thus again addressed Vrikodara, “O lord, I believe there is a town not far off from this forest. O blessed one, let us soon go from this place, so that Duryodhana may not trace us.”
36Those best of men (the Pandavas), those great car warriors, saying “Be it so,” proceeded with their mother. And Rakshasi Hidimba also (followed them.)

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