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Mahabharata – Adi Parva – Hidimbavadha Parva – 152-156

– 156 –

Hidimbavadha Parva – Continued

Pandavas entered in Ekachakra city and meeting with Vyasa

1Vaishampayana said: O king, .hose mighty car-warriors the heroes (the Pandavas), went from forest of forest, killing many beasts. In course of their travel and they crossed many forests (came to).
2The countries of the Matsyas, Trigartas and Panchalas, then to that of the Kichakas, where, they saw mane beautiful woods and lakes.
3-4They all made matted locks and wore the barks of trees. Those illustrious (heroes) assumed the form of ascetics with their mother. Those car-warriors sometimes proceeded in haste, carrying their mother, (on their back) sometimes they proceeded slowly; they then went in great haste.
5They studied the Brahma (Rik) and the Vedangas and all other sciences of morals. (When they were thus engaged), they saw their grandfather (Vyasa).
6Having respectfully saluted the illustrious Krishna Dvaipayana those chastisers of foes with their mother stood before him with joined hands.
7-8Vyasa said: O best of the Bharata race, I knew beforehand of your this affection, your this unjust banishment by the sons of Dhritarashtra. Knowing this I have come to do you some great good. You ought not to grieve. Know all this is for your (future) happiness.
9-10There is no doubt that you and they all are equal in my eyes; but men love more those that are in misfortune or in tender years. Therefore my love for you is now greater (then before) and in consequence of the love, I wish to do you some good. Listen to me. Not far from this place there is a beautiful town which is a safe place for you. There live you all in disguise, waiting for my return.
11Vaishampayana said: Having thus comforted them, the son of a Satyavati, Vyasa, led them to (the town of) Ekachakra. The lord (Vyasa) comforted Kunti also.
12Vyasa said: O daughter, live your this son, the illustrious and the best of men, Yudhisthira, ever devoted to virtue, conquering the word by his virtue will virtuously rule over all the kings of the world.
13Conquering the whole earth bounded by the belt of the sea by the prowess of Bhima and Arjuna, there is no doubt (he will rule the world).
14Your sons and those of Madri, all great car warriors, will sport in their own kingdom at pleasure.
15Conquering the whole world, these best of men will perform Rajasuya and Ashvamedha and other sacrifices in which Dakshina (presents to the Brahmanas) will be very large.
16Maintaining their friends and relatives in luxury and affluence, these your so will rule over the kingdom of their forefathers.
17Vaishampayana said: Having said this, he took them to the house of a Brahmana and then Rishi Dvaipayana spoke thus to the eldest Pandava-
18“Wait here for me. I shall come back to you. You will be able to obtain great happiness by adopting yourself to the place and time (in which you are now).”
19O king, they all said with joined hands, “Be it so.” (Thereupon) the illustrious lord, the Rishi Vyasa, went away from whence he came.

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