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Mahabharata – Adi Parva – Jatugriha Parva 141-151

Mahabharata – Adi Parva – Jatugriha Parva – 141-151

– 141 –

Jatugriha Parva

Jealousy of Duryodhana

1-2Vaishampayana said: Thereupon after consulting with one another the son of Subala (Sakuni) king Duryodhana, Dushasana and Kama formed and evil conspiracy. They resolved with the sanction of the descendant of Kuru the king Dhritarashtra to bum to death Kunti with her sons.
3The wise and learned Vidura, capable of reading the heart (of men) by external signs, came to know from their demeanours the intention of those wicked-minded men.
4Thereupon, the sinless Vidura, whose soul was enlightened with true knowledge and who was ever devoted to the good of the Pandavas, resolved that Kunti should escape with her sons.
5Thereupon he procured a boat with machinery and flats and which was strong enough to withstand wind and waves. He then spoke to Kunti thus.
6-7Vidura said: This Dhritarashtra is born to destroy the fame and offspring of your (Kuru) race. Being wicked-minded, he is going to cast off eternal virtue. O amiable lady, I have kept ready in the river a boat, capable of withstanding both wind and waves. By it escape with your sons from the net of death.
😯 best of the Bharata race, having heard this, Kunti became deeply grieved. She then with her sons got into the boat and went over the Ganges.
9Then leaving the boat according to the advice of Vidura, the Pandavas entered a forest taking the wealth that was given to them.
10For some reasons a Nishada woman came to the house of lac and though (she was) innocent, she was burnt to death with her five sons.
11The worst of Mlecchas, the sinful Purochana, was also burnt to death. Thus were deceived the sons of Dhritarashtra with their counsellors.
12Thus also were the illustrious sons of Kunti with their mother saved by the advice of Vidura; but the people did not know that they were alive.
13Thereupon the citizens of Varanavata, seeing the house of lac burnt down, became exceedingly grieved.
14-15They sent messenger to the king to tell him all that had happened and they said, “Your great end has been achieved, you have burnt to death the Pandavas. O descendant of Kuru, your desire is (now) fulfilled; enjoy the kingdom with your sons.” Having heard this, Dhritarashtra with his sons expressed their sorrow.
16He performed the last rites of the Pandavas with his friends and relatives, with Kshatta (Vidura) and that foremost of the Kurus, Bhishma.
17Janamejaya said: O best of the twice-born, I desire to hear in detail the account of the burning of the house of lac and the escape of the Pandavas.
18That was a cruel act of theirs, acting under the counsel of the wicked. Recite the history to me, all as it happened. I am full of great curiosity.
19Vaishampayana said: O chastiser of foes, O king, listen to me, I shall describe to you the burning of the lac- house and the escape of the Pandavas.
20Seeing Bhimasena exceedingly strong and Dhananjaya (Arjuna) highly accomplished, Duryodhana became pensive and sad.
21Thereupon the son of the Sun, Kama and the son of Subala, Sakuni, tried by various means to cause the death of the Pandavas.
22The Pandavas, however, counteracted them one after the other as they were made and in obedience to the counsel of Vidura, they never talked it afterwards.
23O descendant of Bharata, seeing the sons of Pandu, endued with all accomplishments, the citizens began to speak to their accomplishments in every place of resort.
24Assembling in court-yards and in other places of meeting, they talked of the eldest son of Pandu as the person fit for governing the kingdom.
25(They said), “The king Dhritarashtra, though possessed of the eye of knowledge, did not obtain ‘he kingdom, because he was blind. How can he be king (now)?
26And the son of Shantanu, Bhishma, is of rigid vows and devoted to truth; having relinquished the kingdom before, he will never accept it now.
27We shall therefore with all proper ceremonies, in all the eldest Pandava (Yudhisthira) endued with youth, accomplished in battle, versed in the Vedas and is truthful and kind.
28Worshipping the son of Shantanu, Bhishma and virtuous Dhritarashtra, he (Yudhisthira) will certainly maintain Bhishma and Dhritarashtra with all his sons.”
29The wicked-minded Duryodhana, hearing these words of the men attached towards Yudhisthira, was exceedingly grieved.
30The wicked-minded man was much afflicted and he could not bear their words. Being inflamed with jealousy, he went to Dhritarashtra.
31Finding him alone, he duly saluted him with reverence and having been distressed by the partiality of the citizens (towards Yudhisthira), he spoke thus-
32Duryodhana said: O father, I have heard (the citizens) uttering words of ill-omen. Passing you and Bhishma by, they desire the son of Pandu to be their king.
33Bhishma will give his consent to this, for he will not desire to rule the kingdom. It seems the citizens are desiring to inflict a great injury on us.
34Pandu formerly obtained the ancestral kingdom by virtue of his own accomplishments. Because you were blind, you did not get the kingdom, though you have every accomplishment to obtain it.
35If the son of Pandu now obtains the kingdom as his inheritance from Pandu, then his son will obtain it after him; that son’s son also and so on, it will thus for ever descend on Pandu’s line.
36We shall then with all our sons be excluded from the royal line. O lord of the world, we shall be disregarded and hated by all the people.
37Becoming defendants on others for our food, we shall suffer perpetual distress. O king, therefore, adopt such counsel that is consonant with statesmanship.
38O king, however the people might be unfavorable towards us if you had obtained the kingdom before, we would have certainly succeeded to it.

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