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Mahabharata – Adi Parva – Khandavdaha Parva – 222-234

Mahabharata – Adi Parva – Khandavadaha Parva – 222-234

– 222 –

Khandavadaha Parva

Arrival of Agni

1Vaishampayana said: When at the command of the king, Dhritarashtra and the son of Shantanu, (Bhishma), the Pandavas had taken up their abode at Indraprastha, they brought under their sway many other kings and monarchs.
2As a soul lives happily depending on the body blessed with auspicious marks and pious deeds, so all the subjects lived most happily, depending on Dharmaraja (Yudhishthira).
3O best of the Bharata race, he (Yudhishthira) served equally Dharma, Artha and Kama, as if each of them was a friend as dear to him as his own soul.
4It appeared as if the three pursuits, Dharma, Artha and Kama, became personified on earth; and with them the king shined as the fourth (pursuit).
5Having obtained him as their king, they obtained a monarch who was devoted to the study of the Vedas, who was a performer of great sacrifices and who was the protector of all good works.
6(During his reign) Lakshmi became stationary and hearts became devoted to the Supreme Spirit. Virtue itself began to grow all over the world.
7Surrounded by his four brothers the king looked as resplendent as a great sacrifice depending upon and assisted by the four Vedas.
8Many learned Brahmanas with Dhaumya at their head, each equal to Brihaspati, waited upon the king, as the celestial wait upon the Lord of creation.
9On account of the excessive affection of the people, both their hearts and eyes equally took great delight in Dharmaraja (Yudhishthira) who was like a full moon without a stain.
10The people took delight in him, not only because he was their king, but because they bore for him a great affection. The king also did not was agreeable to them.
11The sweet-speeched and greatly intelligent son of Pritha (Yudhishthira) never uttered any thing that was improper, or untrue or unbearable or disagreeable.
12That greatly powerful and best king of the Varata race happily passed his days in seeking the good of every body, as if every one was his own self.
13(His brothers) the Pandavas brought by their great powers many kings under their sway; they passed their days in happiness, having nothing to disturb their peace.
14After a few days, Vivatsu (Arjuna) thus spoke to Krishna, “O Krishna, the summer is come, let us go to the Yamuna.
15O Janardana, O slayer of Madhu, if you like, let us sport their with out friends and then return in the evening.
16Krishna said: O son of Kunti, this is also my wish. O Partha, let us sport with our friends in the waters( of the Yamuna).
17Vaishampayana said: O descendant of Bharata, having consulted with each other and after receiving Yudhishthira’s permission, Partha (Arjuna) and Govinda (Krishna) in company with their friends set out (for the Yamuna).
18-20And arrived at a charming spot, fitted for the purpose of pleasure, overgrown with numerous tall trees and adorned with high mansions and looking like the city of Indra. O descendant of Bharata, in these houses were collected for the descendants of Vrishni and Pritha (Arjuna and Krishna) numerous well- flavoured and costly viands, drinks and other articles of enjoyments and floral wreathes and various perfumes. The party soon entered the inner apartments (of the house), adorned with many precious gems of pure brilliancy. Entering these apartments, every one of them began to sport at his pleasure.
21The women with beautiful full hips and rising breasts with handsome eyes and unsteady gait for drink began to sport.
22Some sported at their pleasure in the woods, some in the waters and some within the houses as directed and commanded by Krishna and Partha (Arjuna).
23O king, Draupadi and Subhadra, exhilarated with wine, gave away costly robes and ornaments to the women that were sporting there.
24Some amongst them danced in joy and some began to sing; some laughed and jested and some drank excellent wines.
25Some obstructed one another’s progress, some fought with one another and some again talked with one another in private and some cut jokes at one another.
26Those woods, filled with the charming music of the flute, guitars and drums, became the scene of prosperity itself.
27When such was the state of things there, the descendants of Kuru and Dasharha (Krishna and Arjuna) went to a certain charming spot near by.
28O king, after having gone there, the two illustrious Krishna, the two subjugators of the hostile cities, (Krishna and Arjuna) sat themselves down on two very costly seats.
29Partha and Madhava amused themselves there by talking over their past achievements and discoursing on heroism and various other topics.
30When Vasudeva and Dhananjaya were thus happily sitting together (in that charming spot), like the twin Ashvinis in heaven, a certain Brahmanas came to them.
31He looked like an old Shala tree, his complexion was like that of heated gold, his beard with bright yellow tinged with green, the height and thickness of his body were in just proportion.
32He had matted locks, he was attired in rags, he was as effulgent as the morning sun, his eyes were like lotus-leaves, his colour was tawny and he appeared to be blazing in splendour.
33Seeing that foremost of Brahmanas blazing with splendour coming towards them, Arjuna and Vasudeva hastily rose up and stood waiting (to receive command).

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