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Mahabharata – Adi Parva – Svayamvara Parva – 184-192

Mahabharata – Adi Parva – Svayamvara Parva – 184-192

– 184 –

Svayamvara Parva

Departure of the Pandavas

1Vaishampayana said: Then those best men, the five Pandava brothers, set out to see Draupadi, the (Panchala) country and the festivities (of Svaimvara.)
2Those best of men, those chastisers of foes, saw with their mother many Brahmanas on their way going together (towards Panchala).
3O king, those Brahmacharis, those Brahmanas, asked the Pandavas, “Where are you going? Whence have you come?
4Yudhishthira said: O best of the twice bom, know, Sirs, that we are five brothers travelling with our mother. We are now coming from Ekachakra.
5The Brahmanas said: Go even this very day to the house of the Panchala Drupada. There will be held a great Svaimvara, in which a large sum of money will be spent.
6We are going there; let us go together. Extraordinary festivities will take place there.
7The daughter of the illustrious Yajnasena Drupada was bom from the sacrificial altar, with eyes like lotus leaves.
8With features faultless and with beauty, youth and intelligence; she is the sister of the powerful Dhrishtadyuman, the (would be) slayer of Drona,
9Who rose as a mighty-armed hero with natural armour, sword, bow and arrows from the blazing fire, himself looking like a second fire.
10His sister is the slender wasted and faultless featured Draupadi, whose body emits the Perfume of lotus over full two miles around.
11That daughter of Yajnasena will select a husband in a Svaimvara. We are going there to see her and witness the great celestials-like festivities.
12The kings and princes who are performers of sacrifices in which Dakshina is large, who are devoted to study, who are pure, who are high-souled and vow-observing.
13Who are young and handsome, who are great car warriors and accomplished in arms, will all be present there from various countries.
14Being desirous of victory (to be successfill in obtaining Draupadi)those kings, will all give away much wealth, kine, food and other articles of enjoyments.
15Taking all that they will give, seeing the Svaimvara and enjoying the festivities, we shall then go wherever we like.
16There will come (in that Svaimvara) from many countries, the singers of king’s penegeries, the dancers, the reciters of Puranas, the heralds and the powerful athletes.
17O high-souled men seeing all these wonderful sights and taking what will be given away, you will also return with us.
18You are handsome, you look all like the celestials: it may be that seeing you, Krishna may chose some one amongst you, superior to the rest, ( as her husband),
19Your this brother is handsome and is endued with beauty; he is also mighty-armed; engaged in (athletic) encounters,) he may by chance earn great wealth.
20Yudhishthira said: We shall all go with you to see that great festivity, that Svaimvara of (the Panchala) maiden.

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