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Mahabharata – Adi Parva – Svayamvara Parva – 184-192

– 191 –

Svayamvara Parva – Continued

Arrival of Balaram and Krishna

1Vaishampayana said: Then those two illustrious sons of Pritha, returning to the Potter’s house, came to their mother. And those best of men represented Yajnaseni to their mother as the “Alms” they had obtained that day.
2Kunti who was within the room did not see her sons. She, therefore, replied saying. “Enjoy all of you (what you have got.”) A moment after she saw Krishna (Draupadi) and said, “Alas! what have I said?
3Being anxious with the fear of sin and reflecting how every one could be extricated from the situation, she took the cheerful Yajnaseni by the hand and coming to Yudhishthira, she said.
4Kunti said: This daughter of the king Yajnasena, upon being represented to me by your younger brothers as the “Alms” they had obtained, O king, from ignorance I said what was proper, namely, “Enjoy all of you what you have got.”
5O best of the Kurus, tell me how my speech may not become futile, how sin may not touch the daughter of the Panchala king and how she may not become unhappy.
6Vaishampayana said: Having been thus addressed by his mother, that foremost of the Kuru race, that hero, the intelligent king (Yudhishthira,) consoling Kunti, thus addressed Dhananjaya.
7“O Falguni, Yajnaseni has been won by you. It is proper therefore that you should marry this princess. O with stander of all foes, therefore kindle the sacred fire and marry her with all due rites.”
8Arjuna said: O king, do not hurl me into sin your command is not in consonance with the precepts of virtue. That is the path followed by the sinful. You should marry her first then the mighty armed Bhima of inconceivable feats.
9Then myself, then Nakula and then last of all the greatly energetic Sahadeva. O king, Vrikodara, myself, the twins and the maiden all await your command.
10When such is the state of things, after due reflection do that which is proper, consonant with virtue, productive of fame and beneficial to the Panchala king. We all obedient to you; command us as you like.
11Vaishampayana said: Having these words of Jishnu (Arjuna), so full of respect and affection, the sons of Pandu all glanced at the Panchala princess.
12She too looked at them all. Glancing at the illustrious Krishna (Draupadi), they looked at one another and taking their seats, they thought of her alone.
13When those immeasurably effulgent heroes looked at Draupadi, the god of love invaded their hearts and continued to grind all their senses.
14The charming beauty of the Panchala princess was modelled by the Creator himself. It was superior to all and charming to all creatures.
15Seeing their demeanour and knowing what was passing through their minds, that best of men, the son of Kunti, Yudhishthira recollected the words of Dvaipayana.
16Fearing that there might arise disunion amongst the brothers, the king (Yudhishthira) thus spoke, “This blessed Draupadi will be the wife of all of us.”
17Vaishampayana said: Hearing these words of their eldest brother, the sons of Pandu began to ponder over them in their mind in great joy.
18The chief of the Vrishnis (Krishna), with the son of Rohini (Balarama) suspecting them to be the chief of the Kurus, came to the potter’s house where those best of men (the Pandavas) were living.
19Krishna with the son of Rohini (Balarama) saw there seated Ajatashatru of well developed and long arms and sitting round him were his younger brothers, surpassing the splendour of fire.
20Going to that foremost of all virtuous men, the son of Kunti and touching the feet of that prince of the Ajamida race Yudhishthira, Vasudeva (Krishna) then said, “I am Krishna”.
21And the son of Rohini (B aladeva) also coming to Yudhishthira did the same. Seeing Krishna and Baladeva, the Pandavas expressed their great delight. O foremost of the Bharata race, those chiefs of the Yadu race (Krishna and Balarama) then touched the feet of (Kunti), the sister of their father.
22Seeing Krishna, Ajatashatru, that foremost of the Kuru race, asked him his well-fare and said “O Vasudeva, how have you been able to trace us, living as we are in disguise?”
23Vasudeva smilingly replied, “O king, fire even if it is covered can easily be known. Who else among men except the Pandavas can perform such feats?
24O Pandavas, O with standers of foes, you have by sheer good fortune escaped from that fearful fire (of the lac house) and also by sheer good fortune the sinful son of Dhritarashtra (Duryodhana) with his ministers have not succeed in their (evil) wishes.
25Be blessed, Grow in prosperity as a fire in a cave gradually grows and spreads itself all around. Lest any of the kings recognise you, give us permission to return to our camp.” Then obtaining the permission of the Pandavas, Krishna of undying prosperity, accompanied with Vasudeva, soon went away.

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