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Mahabharata – Adi Parva – Subhadra Harana Parva – 219-220

Mahabharata – Adi Parva – Subhadra Harana Parva – 219-220

– 219 –

Subhadra Harana Parva

Assent of Yudhishthira

1Vaishampayana said: O best of kings, a few days after a great festival of the Vrishnis and the Andhakas was held on the Raivataka hill.
2In that mountain-festival of the Bhoja, the Andhakas and the Vrishnis, the hero gave away much wealth to the thousands of Brahmanas.
3O king, the region around the hill was adorned with many mansions filled with various gems and they appeared as if they are all Kalpavrikshas (trees giving whatever wanted.)
4The musicians played in concert all the musical instruments; the dancers danced and the songsters sang.
5The effulgent youths of the Vrishni race, adorned with ornaments and riding on golden cars, looked handsome everywhere.
6-7Hundred and thousands of the citizens with their wives and attendants went there, some on foot and some on excellent cars. O descendant of Bharata, there roved the lord Haladhara (Baladeva), intoxicated with wine, accompanied by his wife Revati and followed by many Gandharvas (musicians).
8There was the powerful king of the Vrishnis, Ugrasena, accompanied by his one thousand wives and followed by the Gandharvas.
9There were the son of Rohini and ever furious in battle Samba. Intoxicated with drink, adorned with beautiful garlands and attired in costly robes, they sported there like two celestials.
10-12There were Akrura, Sarana, Gada, Babhru, Viduratha, Nishatha, Charudeshna, Pritha, Vipratha. Satyaka, Satyaki, Bhangakara, Maharava, Haridikya, Uddhava and any mothers whose names are not mentioned. They were each separately accompanied by their wives and followed by the musicians. They all adorned that festival on the Raivataka mountain.
13When that wonderful festival of great grandeur and delight was continuing, Vasudeva (Krishna) and Partha (Arjuna) went about together.
14When thus walking about, they saw the beautiful daughter of Vasudeva, Subhadra, adorned with ornaments in the midst of her companions.
15As soon as Arjuna saw her, he was struck by (the arrow) of the god of love. Seeing that Partha was looking at her with absorbed attention, Krishna.
16O descendant of Bharata, spoke thus to that best of men (Arjuna) with smiles, “How is it that the mind of one who roams in the forest is thus agitated by desire?
17O Partha, she is my sister and also the sister of Sarana. Her name is Subhadra; she is the most beloved daughter of my father. If your mind is set upon her, I shall then speak to my father.”
18Arjuna said: She is the daughter of Vasudeva and the sister of Vasudeva (Krishna); endued with so much beauty, whom can she not fascinate?
19If your this sister, this lady of the Vrishni race, become my wife, then certainly do I win prosperity in everything.
20O Janardana, tell me by what means I may obtain her. I shall do anything achievable by man (in order to obtain her).
21Krishna said: O best of men, Svyaimvara is the marriage form of the Kshatriyas, but, O Partha, that is doubtful, as we do not know her temper and disposition.
22The men learned in the precepts of religion say that in the case of heroic Kshatriyas, a forcible taking away of a girl for the purpose of marriage is also praiseworthy.
23O Arjuna, therefore, carry away this my sister by force, for who know what she may not do in a Svaimvara?
24-25Vaishampayana said: Having thus settled everything about what should be done, Krishna and Arjuna sent some swift messengers to Yudhishthira at Indraprastha, informing him of everything. That mighty-armed son of Pandu (Yudhishthira), as soon as he heard it, gave his assent to it.

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