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Mahabharata – Adi Parva – Viduragamana Rajyalambha Parva – 200-212

Mahabharata – Adi Parva – Viduragamana Rajyalambha Parva – 200-212

– 200 –

Viduragamana Rajyalambha Parva

Words of Duryodhana

1Vaishampayana said: Thereupon the kings knew from their trusted spies that the beautiful Draupadi had got the Pandavas her husbands;
2The illustrious man who had best the bow and shot the mark was Arjuna, that foremost of all victorious warriors and the great wielder of bow and arrows;
3-4The greatly strong man who had hurled away the Madra king Shalya, he who had in anger frightened all men in the battle by the tree. He who had stood in perfect fearlessness, whose touch was death to all, that illustrious hero, was no other than Bhima, that grinder of hostile ranks.
5The monarchs were very much astonished to learn that the sons of Kunti, the Pandavas, had assumed the guise of the peaceful Brahmanas.
6They heard that Kunti with her sons had been formerly burnt to death in the lac house; therefore those kings regarded the Pandavas as men who had come back from the dead.
7Remembering the greatly cruel dead of Purochana, they said, “Fie on Bhishma! Fie on Dhritarashtra of the Kuru race!”
8When the Svyaimvara was over, all the kings, learning that Draupadi had been wedding to the Pandavas, went away to therefore respective kings.
9-10Having heard that Draupadi had been married to the rider of the white horse (Arjuna), Duryodhana, became greatly depressed; and accompanied by his brothers, Ashvathama, his maternal uncle (Shakuni), Kama and Kripa, he started for his capital. Then Dushashana, being full of shame, thus slowly spoke to him.
11“O king, if Arjuna had not disguised himself as a Brahmana, he could have never succeeded in obtaining Draupadi. On that account, none could recognise as Dhananjaya.
12I believe that Destiny is supreme and human exertion is useless. O brother, fie on our exertions, when the Pandavas are still alive!”
13Thus talking to one another and blaming Purochana, they entered Hastinapur in misery and sorrow.
14-15Seeing the greatly powerful sons of Pritha escaped from the house of lac and allied with Drupada and thinking of Dhrishtaduymna, Shikhandin and also other sons of Drupada who were all learned in every art of war, he (Duryodhana) became depressed and alarmed.
16-17Having learnt that Draupadi had been won by the Pandavas and that the sons of Dhritarashtra, their pride being broken, had returned in shame, Vidura became exceedingly glad; and coming to Dhritarashtra, O king, Kshatta, (Vidura) said to him, “The Kurus are prospering from good luck.”
18O descendant of Bharata, the son of Vichitravirya, the king Dhritarashtra, becoming astonished, said in great joy, ‘‘What good luck! What good luck!”
19That king, possessing the eye of knowledge, thought from ignorance that his eldest son Duryodhana had been chosen by the daughter of Drupada.
20He ordered various ornaments to be made for Draupadi and he ordered that both Krishna and his son Duryodhana should be (brought in great pomp.)
21It was then that Vidura said that Draupadi had chosen the Pandavas for her husbands and they were all in good health and peace and those heroes had been duly received by Drupada.
22And that the Pandavas had been allied with the many relatives and friends of Drupada, each possessing large armies and also with many others that had come to the Svyaimvara.
23Dhritarashtra said: Those children are dearer to me then they were to Pandu, know that my affection for them is now greater then before.
24Those heroes, the sons of Pandu, are in good health and peace and they have now friends. Their friends and others (with whom they have allied) are all greatly powerfull.
25O Kshatta, who among kings does not desire to have Drupada with his relatives as his friends in weal or in woe?
26Vaishampayana said: When he said this, Vidura replied “O king, let your understanding remain so for one hundred years.”
27-29O king, then there came to Dhritarashtra Duryodhana and the son of Radha (Kama) and they thus spoke to him, “We are incapable of speaking wicked designs before Vidura, we have now found you alone; we shall, therefore, speak to you all that we desire to say. O father, are you considering the prosperity of the enemy as your own? O best of men, you were applauding the Pandavas before Kshatta.
30O sinless one, you are not acting as you should. You ought to act every day in a way as to weaken their (the Pandavas’) strength.
31The time has come when we should consult together, so that they (the Pandavas) may not swallow us all with our sons, forces, friends and relatives.

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