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Mahabharata – Sabha Parva – Sabhakriya Parva – 1-4

– 2 –

Sabhakriya Parva – Continued

Departure of Sri krishna to Dwarka

1Vaishampayana said: Janardana, (Krishna) who deserved the worship of all, lived for some time at Khandavaprastha, worshipped with love and affection by the sons of Pritha.
2-3The receiver of the worship of all the world, the possessor of large eyes, Keshava (Krishna) being desirous of seeing his father, made up his mind to go to (Dwarka). He saluted both Dharmaraja (Yudhishthira) and Pritha and bowed down to his aunt with his head touching her feet. She smelt his head and embraced him.
4-5The greatly illustrious Hrishikesha Krishna, coming with affection and with tears in his eyes to the sweet-speeched and amiable Subhadra, his sister, spoke to her words of best import and truth, words that were terse, proper and full of good.
6She too saluted him in return and worshipped him with bowing down her head. She then told him all that she desired to be told to her relatives.
7Bidding her farewell and uttering blessings on that beautiful lady, the hero of the Vrishni race Janardana (Krishna) then saw Krishna (Draupadi) and Dhananjaya.
8That best of men (Krishna) then duly worshipped Dhananjaya; then consoling Draupadi he obtained her leave.
9The learned and heroic (Krishna) then went with Partha (Arjuna) to his (other) cousins (the Pandavas). Surrounded by the five brothers Krishna looked like Shakra (Indra) surrounded by the celestials.
10Being desirous of performing the due rites of departure, the Garuda-bannered hero (Krishna), purified himself by a bath and adorned himself with ornaments.
11The best of the Yadu race, (Krishna) then worshipped the celestials and the Brahmanas with garlands, with mantras, with various kinds of excellent perfumes and with bowing down his head.
12Having performed all (those) ceremonies, that foremost of all virtuous men, the best of the Yadu race (Krishna), wishing to start, came out to the outer apartments.
13By presenting vessels of curd, fruits and fried rice, he made the Brahmanas utter blessings on him. Presenting them wealth, he walked round them.
14-15Ascending on his golden and Garuda-bannered swift chariot, to which was yoked Shaibya and Sugriva (his two horses) and taking also his mace, discus, sword, his bow Sharanga and other auspicious weapons, the lotus-eyed hero (Krishna) started on an excellent moment of a lunar day in an auspicious constellation.
16-18aThe king of the Kurus, Yudhishthira, ascended the chariot after him (Krishna), and out of love for him he made that best of charioteers (Dwarka) to stand aside, and himself took the reins. The long-armed Arjuna walked round him (Krishna) and he then got on the car and waved a golden-handled Chamara over him.
18b-19The heroic Bhimasena with the twins (Nakula and Sahadeva), the Ritvikas and the citizens walked behind Krishna. That slayer of hostile heroes, Keshava (Krishna), thus followed by all the brothers.
20Shone like a preceptor followed by his beloved pupils. After bidding farewell to Partha (Arjuna) Govinda (Krishna) embraced him firmly (with all the ardour of love).
21He then worshipped Yudhishthira and also Bhimasena and he embraced the twins. Being embraced in return (by the sons of Pritha) and worshipped by the twins (Nakula and Sahadeva).
22O Descendant of Bharata, that vanquisher of hostile cities, Krishna, bade Yudhishthira farewell and requested him to return, when he had gone about half a Yojana.
23Govinda (Krishna) learned in all the precepts of virtue, then worshipped Dharmaraja (Yudhishthira) and touched his feet. He (Yudhishthira) raised Keshava up and smelt his head.
24The Pandava Dharamraja Yudhishthira then gave permission to the best of Yadava race, the lotus-eyed Krishna to go be saying “Go”.
25After duly making an appointment (for again coming to Indraprastha) and after preventing the Pandavas with great deal of difficulty from following him the slayer of Madhu (Krishna).
26-27Went to his own city with a cheerful heart like Shakra (Indra) towards Amaravati (the celestials city). Out of love for him, they the Pandavas gazed at him so long he was within the sight; and when he went out of sight, their minds followed him, but they were not satiated with seeing Keshava (Krishna).
28-29The handsome hero (Krishna) soon disappeared from their view. The sons of Pritha, those best of men with their minds fixed on Govinda (Krishna) desisted (from following him); and they then soon returned to their own city, although they were not (at all) willing (to return). Riding on his car Krishna also soon started for Dwarka.
30Followed by the hero, Satyaki, the son of Devaki, Sauri (Krishna) with his charioteer Daruka reached Dwarka with the speed of Garuda.
31The king Dharmaraja of unfading glory and his brothers, surrounded by their friends and relatives, entered the excellent city (Indraprastha).
32-33That virtuous king, that best of men (Yudhishthira) then sent away all his friends and relatives, his brothers and sons; he then amused himself with Draupadi.
34Keshava also, having been welcomed by the Chief Yadus with Ugrasena at their head, entered the excellent city (Dwarka) with joy.
35Worshipping his old father and his illustrious mother, and saluting Baladeva (his brother) also, the lotus-eyed (hero) took his seat.
36He embraced Pradyumna, Samba, Nishatha, Charudeshna, Gada, Aniruddha and Bhanu. Receiving leave of the elderly men, Janardana then went to the house of Rukmani (his wife).

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