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Parasara Hora 1-9

Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra 1-9

– 1 –


I pay homage to the lotus feet of Vighneśvara: the elephant-faced, served by a multitude of beings, etc., who eats the best of the kapittha and jambū fruits, son of Umā, and the cause of the removal of sorrow.

The creation

1Now once upon a time Maitreya with añjali made having prostrated, approached and asked Parāśara, best of the sages and knowing the three times.
2Bhagavan, the three divisions related to jyotiṣ a the most sacred, mysterious, and best of the Vedāṅga; are the horā, gaṇita, and saṃhita.
3Muni, it is also heard from you that the horā is the best among the three. Prabhu, I desire to hear that. May you speak to me with compassion.
4How was this creation born from the world and how is the dissolution? Please speak in detail on the relationship of those existing in heaven and of those existing on the earth.
5Vipra, the virtuous inquiry by you is an act showing favor to the world. Then I [having bowed] to the most excellent Brahman and again to Bhāratī, the śakti of that.
6having bowed to the Sun, the lord of the planets and cause of the origin of the world; I will declare the eye of the Veda, as heard from the mouth of Brahman.
7Always to be given to the tranquil, devoted to the guru, speaker of the truth, and the faithful. Then indeed, one should acquire the auspicious.
8It is not to be given to an inimical student, the unfaithful, nor the deceitful. When given, here it gives birth to the unpleasant day by day, without a doubt.
9Viṣṇu alone is composed of the unmanifest, having no beginning, mighty, Īśvara, pure satva, lord of the world, transcendent of guṇ a possessed of the three guṇas.
10An agent of saṃsāra, fortunate, the instrument of the ātman , possessed of splendor, and with one aṃśa (portion) one creates and animates all the worlds with amusement.
11Those knowing the tattvas knowing the three pādas (quarters) of that god, the amṛta , and the measure of that with the preeminent. Thus is the one-footed.
12Viṣṇu is composed of the manifest and unmanifest, but Vāsudeva, composed of whatever is unmanifest, is brought into a state. Viṣṇu is possessed of two-fold śakti.
13Composed of the manifest joined with the three and possessed of eternal śakti it is declared. Śrīśakti is
predominant in sattva . Bhūśakti [is predominant] in rajas guṇā.
14That which is the third śakti is spoken as the named nīlā, having the form of darkness. Vāsudeva became the fourth when urged with śrīśakti.
15Thus is Saṃkarṣaṇa, Pradyumna, and Aniruddha supporting the form. The divine Viṣṇu possessed with tamas śakti is named Saṃkarṣaṇa.
16Pradyumna with rajas śakti. Aniruddha joined with sattva śakti. Mahat is born from Saṃkarṣaṇa. Ahaṃkṛti of which is from Pradyumna.
17From Aniruddha is one born of one’s own accord supporting the form of ahaṃkāra and Brahman. Among all are all the śaktis joined with a predominance of one’s own śakti.
18The three-fold ahaṃkāra having become all this from the summary. When ahaṃkṛti is related to sattvika, related to rajas, and indeed related to tamas.
19The divine are born from Vaikārika. The senses from that related to tejas. Matter are those ether, etc. with one’s own respective śakti.
20Viṣṇu united with śrī śakti always protects three worlds. Brahman creates with bhū śakti. Indeed, Śiva devours with nīlaśakti.
21Indeed, among all living beings the Paramātman shines in all. Indeed brahman, this here is established in the Paramātman.
22Indeed, anywhere among all living beings are established two aṃśas (portions). Indeed, possessed of that is the greater of the jīva aṃ śa (portion) or the Paramātmanaṃśaka (portion).
23All the planets of the Sun, etc. and Brahman, Śiva, etc.; all these and many others have a greater Paramātma aṃ śaka (portion).
24And thus the śaktis of these with a greater aṃśa (portion) of śriya, etc. among each one’s respective śakti. Among others are those to be known with a greater aṃśaka (portion) of jīva.

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