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Parasara Hora 10-18

– 11 –

Judgement of bhavas

1O Maharishi Parashar, I have come to know of the evils and antidotes thereof from you. Please tell me, what is to be deduced from each Bhava.
2Indications of Tanu Bhava. Maharishi Parashara replies. Physique, appearance, intellect (or the organ of intelligence, i.e. brain), complexion of the body, vigour, weakness, happiness, grief and innate nature are all to be guessed through the ascending Rashi.
3Indications of Dhana Bhava. Wealth, grains (food etc.), family, death, enemies, metals, precious stones etc. are to be understood through Dhana Bhava.
4Indications of Sahaj Bhava. From Sahaj Bhava know of the following: valour, servants (attending etc.), brothers, sisters etc., initiatory instructions (Upadesha), journey and parent’s death.
5Indications of Bandhu Bhava. Conveyances, relatives, mother, happiness, treasure, lands and buildings are to be consulted through Bandhu Bhava.
6Indications of Putra Bhava. The learned should deduce from Putra Bhava amulets, sacred spells, learning, knowledge, sons, royalty (or authority), fall of position etc.
7Indications of Ari Bhava. Maternal uncle, doubts about death, enemies, ulcers, step-mother etc. are to be estimated from Ari Bhava.
8Indications of Yuvati Bhava. Wife, travel, trade, loss of sight, death etc. be known from Yuvati Bhava.
9Indications of Randhra Bhava. Randhra Bhava indicates longevity, battle, enemies, forts, wealth of the dead and things, that have happened and are to happen (in the past and future births).
10Indications of Dharma Bhava. Fortunes, wife’s brother, religion, brother’s wife, visits to shrines etc. be known from Dharma Bhava.
11Indications of Karma Bhava. Royalty (authority), place, profession (livelihood), honour, father, living in foreign lands and debts are to be understood from Karma Bhava.
12Indications of Labha Bhava. All articles, son’s wife, income, prosperity, quadrupeds etc. are to be understood from Labha Bhava.
13Indications of Vyaya Bhava. From Vyaya Bhava, one can know about expenses, history of enemies, one’s own death etc.
14-16Prosperity, or Annihilation of a Bhava. Predict prosperity of the Bhava, which is yuti with, or drishtied by a benefic. Also, when its Lord is in Yuvavastha, or Prabuddhavastha, or in Kismaravastha, or in Karm Bhava, the Bhavas well-being is indicated. The Bhava, which is not drishtied by its Lord, or, whose Lord is with a malefic Graha, or with one of the Lords of evil and such other Bhavas (i.e. 3rd, 6th, 8th, 11th and 12th), or is defeated in a war between Grahas, or is in one of the three Avasthas, viz, Vriddhavastha, Mritavastha and Suptavastha.

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