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Parasara Hora 10-18

– 12 –

Effects of first house

1The lord of the 1st house with a malefic situated in the 8th, 6th, and 12th house is the robbing of bodily health. The lord of the 1st house situated in an angle or trine should always grant comfort to the body.
2The lord of the lagna situated in combustion, debilitation, or an enemy zodiac sign should be the creation of disease. A benefic situated in an angle or trine is removal of all diseases recollected.
3Here when the lagna or the Moon are aspected or joined with cruel planets and when devoid of a benefic aspect, indeed, there is no comfort in the body of a human being.
4When a benefic is in the lagna there should be a good form. When a malefic, one is destitute of (good) form. When the lagna is joined or aspected by benefic planets, one is possessed of comfort in the body.
5The lord of the lagna , Mercury, Jupiter, or even Venus situated in angles and trines has the born be long-lived, possessed of understanding and wealth, and beloved by a sovereign.
6When the lord of the lagna is situated in a movable zodiac sign aspected by a benefic planet, one is famous and prosperous, possessed of great enjoyment, and possessed of comfort in the body.
7Here Mercury, Jupiter, or Venus in the lagna along with the Moon or also situated in the angles from the lagna, one is furnished with marks of royalty.
8That born is wrapped up in an umbilical cord at the body area corresponding to the zodiac sign or aṃśa (portion) when the lagna is with Saturn or Mars in Aries, Taurus, and Leo.
9The Sun situated in a four footed (quadruped zodiac sign) and the others endowed with strength situated in dual zodiac signs thus should predict two born twins.
10The Sun and the Moon situated in one zodiac sign and the two associated with one aṃśaka (portion), [then] one is supported by three mothers in the [first] three months and then is supported by a father and brother.
11Thus indeed is the result always to be spoken by the wise, even from the Moon. Now here I declare the ulcers, marks, etc. in the body of the born human.
12The head, two eyes, the two ears, two nostrils, two cheeks, chin, and mouth are the lagna, etc. in the body of the first dṛkāṇaka.
13As the neck, two shoulders, two arms, two ribs, two areas of heart region, two areas of the middle area, and the navel; just so, in that order, when the lagna is situated in the middle dreṣkāṇa.
14The bladder, the genitals and anus, two testicles, two thighs, two knees, two shins, and feet are to be known in the third (dreṣkāṇa). With those risen are the left side of the body.
15In whichever limb a malefic is situated, there one should proclaim a wound. Also, with the malefics connected with Mercury. With benefics, the wise should proclaim a mark.

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