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Parasara Hora 73-81

Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra 73-81

– 73 –

Effects of the rays of the grahas

1-2The sage said. O Brahmin! Now I am going to tell you about the number of rays of the Grahas. When Surya etc. are in their deep exaltation point, their rays are: Surya 10, Candr 9, Mangala 5, Budh 5, Guru 7, Sukra 8 and Sani 5. The rays are nil, when these Grahas are in deep debilitation, the number of rays would be proportionate with the number of Rashi. The following method is to be adopted for ascertaining the proportionate number of rays. Deduct the debilitation Rashi etc. of the Graha, whose rays are to be ascertained, from his longitude. If the remainder is less than 6 Rashis it should be multiplied by the number of rays of that Graha, mentioned above and the product should be divided by 6. The result will denote the number of rays of that Graha. In case after deduction the remainder is more than 6 Rashis, then it should be deducted from 12. The other procedure will remain the same.
3-7O Vipra! some of the other Acharyas have indicated further refinements over the determined number of
the rays. If a planet is posited in its sign of exaltation, the determined number of the rays are trebled. If it is in the Moola Trikona sign, the determined rays are to be doubled. In case of being in its own sign, the determined number is multiplied by 3 and then divided by 12. If a planet is in the Adhimitra’s (best friend) sign, the determined rays be multiplied by 4 and then divided by 3. In the event of friendly sign, the determined rays be multiplied by 6 and then divided by 5. In case of planet being in the enemy sign, the determined number of rays be brought down to half and if it is in the Adhishatru’s sign (bitter enemy), the determined rays are first doubled and then divided by 5. If the planet is in the neutral sign, no correction is called far. Barring Mercury and Venus, the number of rays in respect of all other planets will get annulled on getting combust. The learned astrolegers should delineate the results on the basis of the determined number of rays duly moderated (i.e. final net numbers).
8-18The effects, produced by the number of rays of Grahas, are given below. Between 1 and 5 poor and unhappy, even if born in an eminent family. Between 6 and 10 poor, carrier of loads and without wife and children. 11 meagre wealth and few children. 12 meagre wealth, idiot and wicked. 13 thief. 14 wealthy, protector and maintainer of several families, learned and observer of the traditions of the family. 15 head of the family, achieves proficiency in many kinds of learnings, good qualities. This is what Lord Brahma has said. 16 most distinguished in the family. 17 employer of many servants. 18 maintainer of large family. 19 possessor of name and fame. 20 blessed with a large family and kinsmen. 21 maintainer and protector of 50 persons. 22 charitable and kind. 23 well cultured and happy. Between 24 and 30 healthy, powerful, favourite of the king, splendorous, possessor of a large family. Between 31 and 40 minister and maintainer and protector of 100 to 1000 persons. Between 40 and 50 king. 51 and above powerful sovereign.
19The effects should be predicted, according to the number of rays of the Grahas at the time of birth, after taking into account the status of the native.
20For example, if the rays are more than 50 in number, one born a Kshatriya king’s family will become a powerful sovereign, one born in a Vaishya family will become a king (or high dignitary), one born in Sudra family will become wealthy and one born in a Brahmin family will become very learned and will observe all religious norms.
21The effects of the Grahas, moving from their debilitation to exaltation, are full. The effects of the Grahas, moving from their exaltation to debilitation, will be lesser than described above.
22-23Auspicious and inauspicious effects of all the Grahas are according to the number of rays they possess. The prediction will not be correct without the knowledge of the effects of the rays. Therefore it is imperative, that in the judgment of Rashi Kundalis and declaring results the effects of the number of rays of the Grahas be taken into account.

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