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Parasara Hora 91-97

Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra 91-97

– 91 –

Remedies for birth in eclipses

1-4Maharishi Parasara said-O Vipra! Whosoever is born during the solar or lunar eclipses runs the risk of sickness, sufferings, poverty and death. Therefore, for the benefit of mankind, I wish to narrate the method of propitiation for the alleviation of such afflictions. An idol of the lord of Nakshatra in which eclipses of solar
and lunar take place be got made in gold. In case of solar eclipse an idol of Surya Deva (~«} be also got made in gold, of affordable size. For the lunar eclipse, silver idol of Chandra Deva (‘ffitr} should be got made and the learned should make the idol of Rahu in lead.
5-11A sacred and even place be cleansed by smearing cow dung paste and a neat and decent cloth is spread over it and then install all the above three idols. In the event of solar eclipse, make oblation’s of things favoured by the Sun viz. red rice, red sandal, red rosary, red clothes etc. and in the case of lunar eclipse, the Moon’s favourable things like while sandal, white flower, white rosary, white clothes etc. and for Rahu, black flower and black clothes etc. and for the lord of the Nakshatra, offer white and fragrant things like flower etc.
12-14The native (the child) be given bath with the water of the Kalasha and then after calming down the senses. worship the priest. The Brahmins, as many one can afford, are fed. In this manner, the propitiatory measures for the child born during the eclipses be executed and after winning over all kinds of precepts, the person becomes fortunate.

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