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Saravali 1-9

Saravali 1-9

– 1 –

Manifestation of the manual

1This world of which arrives at knowledge when rising. When situated at the zenith, it promulgates among the actions of nature. That Sun falls asleep when situated in the setting. That manifest splendour conquers with one measure of the breath.
2Having embraced those proper minute details of the ancient śāstras by the sages, the Horā Tantra was composed by Varāhamihira from the abridgement.
3But from who not being competent with that to arrange the distinct division of the periods of the daśās, etc. from the ten vargas of the zodiac sign, and Rāja yogas.
4Indeed, therefore having abandoned the worthless with the crude from the minute details of the manuals arranged by the lords of the Yavanas, etc., from those the best is drawn out.
5The diffused, forceful glory of who is like the radiance of a swan in the living cage of the universe from the strength of promoting the divine, villages, and cities. That clever mind purified by the Horā Śāstra shines here. Kalyāṇavarmā, lord of the fortunate Vyāghrapadi, arranges the clearly perceived Sārāvalī.
6Of those students tormented by thirst for the Horā, is the cold water for the aim of the most clarity from the mountain of Kalyāṇavarma, like a river issued from the Sārāvalī.
Thus, the name of the first chapter is manifestation of the manual in the Sārāvalī composed by Kalyāṇavarma.

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